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Short Erotic Tales 1 by Carl East ebook coverHere's a great chance to get a FREE eBook all about fucking and boy is it good!

It's called Short Erotic Tales but it's nearly 300 pages long!

The author Carl Earl's book Blonde and Wet the Complete Story was No.1 on the Apple Book Store Bestseller List in July 2010, that's how good he is!

Read about Carl East and the Apple Book Store.

Here's an excerpt:

"I will come to you once you fall asleep again," she said, floating back up and disappearing.

I quickly turned everything off, and then climbed back into bed, before long I was asleep again. I suddenly heard a voice and turned around, and there she was a vision of loveliness.

"Hi, is Abby your name?" I said, looking into those gorgeous eyes.

"Yes, and you are Paul. I have made you my soul mate," she replied.

"Are you real?" I asked.

She laughed at that, her laugh being infectious, for I laughed back.

"Yes, I'm real, I just exist in another reality," she replied.

Up until now our surroundings were dark within the dream, with nothing to see, but she waved her hand and changed that, for we were suddenly walking in a meadow.

"How do you do the things you do?" I said, sounding like a song I'd once heard.

"All the things you see are illusionary, even I am a projection of my real self," she replied.

"But you do exist, in the flesh as it were?" I said, reaching out to touch her, and feeling her solid arm.

"Yes, only my projection is controlling everything around you, for I too am asleep at this moment, and if I woke up in reality, this would all vanish," she said, explaining it all very clearly.

"I see. What did you mean when you said that I was your soul mate?"

"When we have learned to manipulate our dreams we can choose a soul mate as a kind of reward, this reward is nearly always of a sexual nature, as we think about sex every bit as much as you," she explained.

"But if you're just a projection, then how could you have left your brooch in my reality?" I asked, thinking this will stump her.

"We found out a long time ago that when we enter your reality, whatever we bring with us becomes a part of that reality, but only while it is fresh in our minds," she replied.

"So what you're telling me is that as soon as you blank that memory out, the brooch would disappear?"

"Exactly," she said, taking my hand.

We walked for a while taking in the beauty that she had created, and then I spoke again.

"May I kiss you?"

"Yes, you may."

I drew her into my arms and kissed her softly on the lips, having to crouch a little. Her return kiss was more passionate, making me hard once again; I placed my hands onto her butt, squeezing slightly. She reached down taking hold of my cock, which made me realize I was now naked. She really did control everything in this reality. With her hand moving along my cock, she too suddenly appeared naked. Her body was a work of art, but I couldn't help thinking how much was projection and how much was reality, was this how she looked, or how she would like to look?

We found ourselves on the floor, our kiss becoming more heated, and then I felt the wall of her pussy, she was wet. I pushed my way in, and she gasped as my cock...

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Amanda And Jane by Deanne SodusBrothers in Hell by Jack BrightonShadow Of A Doubt by Sir NathanTales of Love and Cruelty by Lance EdwardsTracy In Chains byClaire ThompsonSlave Of The Internetby John SavageTraining Nicolette by Reese GabrielKidnapped To Be A Wh*re by PoweroneA Perfect Subject by Jake Marlow

Lost and Found by Alex Barton ebook coverMy friends over at Adult eBook Shop tell me that their second best selling ebook's NEW SEQUEL has just been released...

It's called Lost and Found by Alex Barton.

In Lost and Found, the beautiful, large-breasted teenager Marcy has learned to crave sex, from anyone willing to give it to her, and she loves it most in her backside. Those closest to her give her the most pleasure, but with her birthday approaching, she has a new boyfriend, and he has a massive erection that she loves to feel deep inside her most sensitive hole.

So basically it's about arse fucking...

Here's an excerpt...

"You are so gorgeous," the black guy said."Turn around so I can see your sweet little ass."Steve moaned as Marcy turned and bent over to provide him with view of her softly rounded buttocks and the sweet peach of her pussy lips nestled between her slender legs.

"I got to have you right now, Marcy," Steve said, his voice vibrating with lust."Bend over the ledge."

Suddenly Marcy's heart began to pound with anticipation of Steve's initial thrust.Below her lay the city teeming with people totally unaware that ten stories above them a half-naked white girl was about to be thoroughly fucked by a black guy she hardly knew.She heard Steve unzip his pants and she moaned softly as she felt his large hands caress her buttocks, pulling her cheeks apart to expose the opening to her cunt.

Steve reached up and grabbed a lock of her hair, wrapping it around his wrist so as to bring her head back."Tell me you want it all," he hissed at her.

The pain Steve was inflicting drove Marcy further towards the peak of her arousal."I want it all," she whispered."Every last inch of it, hard and fast up my pussy, then up my ass.Especially up my ass."

"I knew you'd want that when I saw you watching Amy being fucked in the ass," Steve said, slapping her right ass cheek with his hard, flat palm."You were thinking, 'Why isn't that me?'"

"Yes," said Marcy softly, shocked at how easily Steve had seen through her.She braced herself against the low concrete parapet and almost immediately Steve rammed his massive fuckpole into the depths of her cunt making her sexjuice flood out over his overfull balls.

"Yeeesss!" she cried out at his first hard, strong thrust.Even in her aroused state, the thickness and length of Steve's cock startled her.She whimpered softly and made a conscious effort to relax, breathing slowly in time with the speed and intensity of his invasion as Steve reached round her body to cup her exposed breasts, filling his hands to overflowing so that he could grip their soft weight each time he rotated his hips to drive his cock deep into her tight pussy.

Time and again Steve fucked Marcy, one moment sliding the pole of his cock slowly and sweetly into her wet cunt so that she almost felt as if she could taste it in the back of her throat, the next thrusting into her and rotating his hips so that she felt defenseless, her buttocks battered by his belly.Suddenly, without warning he pulled out of her, his prick making a wet slurping sound as it slid from her slick pussywalls.

"Please, Steve," Marcy begged as he pulled her body back against his, the slippery length of his prick pressed deep between the divide of her curvy buttocks."Don't make me wait any longer.Please fuck me in the ass."

Without speaking, Steve reached between Marcy's legs.He slid his index and fourth fingers on either side of her slippery cunt lips and pushed his middle finger deep into the hole.Skillfully he worked his hand back and forth, rubbing over her clit and making her gasp with pleasure as he filled the palm of his hand with the sweet honey of her sexjuice.When he was ready he withdrew his hand and she heard the familiar squishing sound of a man lubricating his cock, a sound she had come to love as a prelude to being sodomized.

Once more Steve reached round her body, but this time to cup her right breast with his left hand so as to hold her steady.Then he took his cock in his hand and pressed the head against the twitching muscle of her anal sphincter.Gently and firmly he started to ease the head of his well-lubricated prick into Marcy's back passage.

At first Marcy found it hard to breathe as the bulging head of Steve's prick pushed through the tight muscle of her anus.She knew his cock was about the same size as that of her Gramps, but it was the shock of being half-naked and assfucked in the open air that made it difficult for her to relax and allow the full length to slide into her rectum.

Kissing her neck and the top of her shoulders, Steve whispered to her, "Easy, baby," with each pivot of his hips sinking deeper into Marcy's clasping tunnel until it had engulfed him completely and he could stand, panting and shivering with lust, having taken possession of the asshole he so desired.

"You like being fucked up the ass, don't you?" he said as he withdrew and then re-entered Marcy's rectum with his pulsing shaft."You should see how good this looks.Your gorgeous smooth white behind filled with my big black cock.I can barely move inside you, your beautiful asshole is pulling on my dick so hard."

"Yes, I love it," Marcy said, pushing herself back against his hips as hard as she could handle, driving the head of his cock deep into her bowels.

"God, you did it Marcy.You took every last inch up your tight ass," Steve gasped as he watched her do it over and over.He slid his free hand round her hips and down between her legs so that he could rub the bud of her clit in time with his thrusts.

"Yeeesss, do it to me!" Marcy hissed as she rode a wave of ecstasy."I'm so close.Oh God, Steve.Fuck my ass!"

Time after time Steve hammered his cock into Marcy's rectum and rubbed his fingers between her dripping cunt lips."Tell me you want me to come over your ass," he hissed as he speeded up his thrusts.

Floating closer to total fulfillment, Marcy groaned, "No."

Steve was about to demand why she was saying 'No' when she wriggled her hand between their bodies and cupped his huge balls as she said, "Fill me with your hot load, Steve.My ass is begging for a pounding."

Marcy bent as far forward as she could and propped one booted foot on top of the concrete ledge.She gently replaced his hand with her own and started to finger her own clit even more aggressively and urgently than he had.

"Is that what you like, Marcy?Being taken to the limit like this?" Steve groaned as he took hold of her hips with both hands and began to thrust his cock even harder and deeper into her asshole.

"Yes," Marcy hissed."And I want you to fuck me in the ass while I suck Amy's wet cunt," she said.

"Oh God, yeeesss-" Steve groaned and Marcy could feel his cock grow even larger in her back passage at the thought of the two girls making love to each other for his pleasure.He responded to the hot sheath of her rectum spasming around his cock and several thrusts later groaned in her ear, "Push your ass back onto me harder!" as Marcy reared back against him."Now beg for my load!"

"Yes, Steve," Marcy cried."Give it to me!"

Although it is now agreed that the Welsh were the first to use sheep intestines as condoms, it was the English that perfected the condom by first removing the intestines from the sheep.

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It was first day at the veterinary college and a group of students were down in the autopsy room with an eminent veterinary surgeon.

The surgeon introduced himself to the class and then said "There are two qualities that are absolutely essential to becoming a successful veterinary surgeon. The first of which is that you must never be repulsed by a dead animal's body."

"To demonstrate this I will stick my middle finger up this dead dog's anus and then suck it" he said as he turned to the animal on the slab. He turned back to the students sucking his finger. He then said "Now I want each and every one of you to do as I have done." There were gasps and murmurs of defiance but in the end all the students complied.

The surgeon continued "The second quality required is observation," he paused for effect. "How many of you noticed that although I stuck my middle finger up the dog's anus, it was in fact my index finger that I sucked..."

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I've just found out that top erotica author Jack Allen has finally released the Desire & Regret trilogy as a single volume.It's a great story and well worth a read...

Here's an excerpt:

Iris rubbed her hand over the ridge of Ethan's erection.

"Shit, you got a really big cock.Do you mind?" Iris said.Her hand opened the zipper, slid in against his warm, hairy leg, and squeezed his cock."God, you're so hard.How long have you been hard?"She pulled it out and sighed."It's beautiful."

Ethan groaned and leaned back against the cinder block wall.Her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.

"I can't believe you're a virgin," Iris said.Her breath was warm on his neck."I can't believe you never fucked a girl with this thing.I know three or four would love to find a cock as big as your's."


"Yeah, really."

Ethan lifted his head off the wall."What about you?"

Iris grinned."I get to do whatever I want 'cause I found you first.And you know what?"


"I think I want to suck it."

Iris bent down as she spoke.Her hand moved down his chest.She squeezed the base of his cock.He felt her warm breath on the head.In the dim light, he could only see the top of her head.

Her soft, wet lips touched his cock and smacked.Ethan gasped.He looked at the guy at the other end of the bench to see if he heard.He was looking back with a smirk and nodded as if he understood something.

Iris opened his jeans.Her lips kissed around the rim of the head, down the side of his shaft, and his balls.She sucked one into her mouth.He gasped again.

"You got fat balls, too," she said, still whispering."All that hot cum, and you've been saving it for me."

She giggled.Her eyes sparkled.His cock brushed her chin.She opened her mouth wide and lowered it over the end.

"Oh God," Ethan groaned.

Her mouth was warm and wet and smothered his cock.Her head moved down, then up.Her tongue licked along the thick vein that ran up the bottom side and around the head when it was between her lips.She pushed it deep into her mouth until the head touched the back.

"Don't cum in my mouth, ok?I hate when guys do that," she said."They always think just 'cause I like to suck cock I like the taste of cum, too.Well, I don't, ok?"


Iris smiled."Good."She put her mouth around his cock again.

Ethan leaned back and closed his eyes.Her mouth was terrific.He couldn't move, even if he wanted.But why would he stop her from doing that?

He remembered the couple at the other end of the bench and looked to see what they were doing.The girl was still on her knees, still sucking the guy's dick.He had both hands on top of her head, like he was guiding her up and down.His fingers were tangled in her hair.

Ethan put his hand on top of Iris' head.He had a sudden urge to jam his dick into her as hard as he could.He placed his other hand on top of her head and she jerked herself up.

"Don't push down on my head.It doesn't help, ok?" she said, and went back to sucking.

Ethan lowered his hand to his side, afraid to move.Her warm, wet mouth moved up and down on him, but for some reason it didn't feel as good.It seemed like she was doing it as a chore.He didn't think he could cum in her mouth even if she let him.

The other couple caught his attention.The girl stood up and glanced at Ethan.The guy's hands worked on the front of her jeans.For an instant, she looked familiar again, but he couldn't remember where he'd seen her.

The guy pulled her jeans down to her ankles.She put her hands on his shoulders and lifted her feet out one at a time.She spread her legs and lowered herself on the guy's lap.Her head tilted back, with a deep groan.The guy's hands reached under her shirt for her tits, and her body writhed.

Iris sat up with a gasp."I can't stand it.I gotta have your cock inside me," she said, and wiped the saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand.She glanced at the other couple, where Ethan was looking, and giggled."They had the same idea."

She stood up in front of him, reached under her cheerleader skirt, wiggled her generous hips, and pulled her panties down to her ankles.She lifted each foot out, picked them up, and dangled the panties in front of Ethan.

"Smell how wet you make me," she said.

Ethan took the tiny, delicate black panties between his thumb and forefinger.The heavy, musky odor drifted past his nose, and he jerked like he'd been smacked.His penis throbbed.The coating of Iris' on his shaft dried in the cool evening air.She giggled.

"I won't make you wait any longer," she said.She leaned forward to kiss him and closed her hand around his dick."Does it hurt?"


"Good.Now you can fuck me like an animal."

She turned herself away, straddled his stretched legs, and lifted the skirt of her cheerleader outfit.Her ass was big and round and looked so soft in the low, pale light.She squatted over his lap.The head of his penis touched the back of her thigh.She wiggled her ass.

"Come on, Iris," Ethan said.He put his hands on her soft, fleshy hips and pulled her down.

"Easy boy.Remember, go slow."

She reached between her legs for his cock.He was panting.She was moaning.He had a perfect view.The head of his dick touched her wet opening and she lowered herself on it.

"Oh my God," Ethan whispered.

Iris groaned softly at first, then his dick split her open and she whimpered.Her pussy lips stretched wide around him.He watched the thick shaft sink slowly into the warmth of her body.

"Shit, you fill me up," she said.Her weight settled on his lap.She pulled her sweater up over her large tits and moved his hands up from her hips.He squeezed both at the same time.Iris moaned.Her body moved side to side and up and down on him.

"You can do your thing inside me if you like.It's all right.I'm on the pill."

"The pill?"

"Yeah.My Mom put me on it when she found out."

"Found out what?"

"How much I like to fuck."

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Devil's Sluts ebook cover thumbnail Devil's Sluts - Powerone - Price: £3.99 ($ 6.36) - Category BDSM eBooks

They Only Serve One Master, Their Bodies For Him And His Friends To Use!
Michael turned them into submissive sluts, willing to do anything to avoid the harsh punishment their disobedience would bring.And he shared his girls with his friends, the girls forced into unspeakable acts and public humiliation with up to five men at one time.And pain was not only for punishment, but for the pleasure of the men that came to watch and play with Michael's toys.

There were four, a mother and her two...

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A Novel from the bestselling author of Obediently Ever After! A profoundly serious and insightful novel of B&D, that is at the same time a fully satisfying work of erotica and a true psychological thriller with deep sexual twists and surprises to the very last page. In Power!, Peter Hathaway is a handsome young English teacher with everything going for him: a lovely wife, a new baby and a promising career at the city's top private high...

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Huge BAM Dildo Review By Jennie

Filled by HUGE REALISTIC PENIS and Then Squirting!

Bam DildoAs you probably know the Bam Dildo is huge. That's why I have put up a huge image of one.

It's very thick, about 3 inches and very long, about 13 inches. It's heavy and sort of soft but firm. Apparently it's very comfortable when inside but I cannot vouch for that! It's also very nicely detailed with knotted veins. To think that Bam actually has a cock like it is amazing. It exudes power and menace.

If any one out there still thinks that women prefer 6 inch maggots then read on...

My friends at Bionic Tonic alerted me to another review that just appeared on their site. It's by a Belgian girl called Jennie and once again about the Bam dildo, it's quite a read...

Jennie's Bam Dildo Review

My first impression of the Bam was - Not for me!!!

We used Dr. J dildo before BAM and it was a bit of a surprise when my husband bought BAM for me. I though that was a crazy idea even to think of using it and it was left in a box for a few months. One night we were pleasing each other without intercourse as we regularly practise and after having an orgasm with Dr.J dildo I was so exited that asked my hubby to use more lubricant and keep going.

He pulled out a dildo and I heard how he was squeezing a few times a tube with the lubricant. Then he asked me to spread my legs wider and move my lips apart with my fingers. He squeezed a lot of lubricant over my pussy and I suddenly felt how something big covered my entry, moved a bit in and stopped with some pressure on it. I instantly realized what that was – BAMs head!

A few moment later my hubby asked me to take control and move forward. I started moving my bottom in a circle pushing towards this big head and felt growing tension in my opening but couldn’t stop. It was going on for about of ten minutes before I felt the head going in stretching me. With my fingertips I felt how my outer lips covered the rim of the head opening me even wider.

That was a little bit of painful and knowing that I am wider inside I wanted the head’s widest part to pass the opening as soon as possible. I moaned loudly: “push” and felt how the head passed through and got inside of vagina. It was a mixed filling of big a relief, no more pain and incredibly voluptuous feeling of spreading me from inside.

I suddenly felt my husband’s tang over my clit and started drifting away from such and incredible pleasure. I slowly began moving in circle my bottom pushing my body toward dildo and filling how it was stuffing my more and more. Unexpected strong contraction all over my bottom caused a mind blowing orgasm with another new pleasurable experience of becoming wet during orgasm – squirting. I cried and trembled, ….so intense, so strong….that as the dildo was pushed out.

It took me a few minutes to calm down before I could say a word. Next morning I felt some discomfort that faded away before lunch. That is over a year since we first used BAM. I love it. The best ever dildo we have had. I don’t feel I am loose having intercourse with my hubby, however after that I can relax and take BAM with plenty of lubricant with no pain or discomfort. Yes, it goes in every time tight to start with and my hubby can now please me for quite a long time with often me squirting.

I usually had one orgasm before, now I may have 3-4. Never dreamt about. Sorry for my Belgian English.


YES!!! I would recommend Bam.

Wow! you're probably dripping pre-cum or love-juice by now. I was when I read it!If you want to to see more reviews just go to the Bam Dildo page and the Bam Dildo Review page.

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I heard that Hughie Greene went to the Special Clinic and got 85 on the Clap-o-meter!

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Daddy Helps Out by Alex Barton ebook coverMy friends over at Adult eBook Shop tell me that their second best selling ebook is rapidly catching their number one best seller.

The story is about a girl who's boyfriend wants to stick his cock up her ass!

Nothing unusual about that, I hear you say.

But it's her Old Man that actually introduces his old chap into her fundamental orifice!

Any way, she loves it up the bum and cannot get enough!

Buy it Here.

Here's a short excerpt:

Without a doubt, Marcy was the most beautiful and desirable girl at Lamont High. She had blonder hair, higher cheekbones, longer, more shapely legs and bigger breasts than any other girl in the school and even her rivals, Dee-Dee Evans and Jo-Ann Butler, had to concede defeat when it came to the way she snared Donny Mitchell, the captain of the football team.

Marcy and Donny became a permanent item after their very first date, mainly because when the time came for Donny to drop Marcy off at home and kiss her goodnight on the porch, she maneuvered him over to the swing-seat, sat him down, opened the flies of his jeans to free his eight-inch cock, hitched up the back of her summer dress and slowly, tantalizingly, slid her dripping wet pussy onto Donny's throbbing fuckpole. She didn't have to tell Dee-Dee and Jo-Ann the next day, she let Donny tell their boyfriends which was much, much sweeter.

What Marcy most loved about Donny was the obvious lust he showed for her huge breasts. He loved to slide his baby-oiled cock back and forth between their velvet slopes while she pushed them into a deep vee, her mouth open so that she could lick the bulging glans of his prick on each upward stroke, waiting hungrily for his creamy semen to spurt across her face. He made her scream and moan with pleasure when he lapped and sucked and bit her nipples as he thrust his cock repeatedly into the wetly-clasping depths of her pussy. But, best of all, she was in ecstasy when she was on her hands and knees across the back seat of his Chevy, her bare ass sticking out of the doorway, Donny's hands overflowing with the soft weight of her breasts as he stood outside the car and fucked, fucked, fucked them both to heaven.

It was during one such blissful encounter, Donny's thrusts into her cunt getting harder and faster so she knew his sperm was beginning to boil in his balls, making her groan, "Oh Donny, I can feel your cock getting even bigger!" that Marcy's perfect little world suddenly collapsed.

Completely without warning, Donny withdrew the pistoning length of his rock-hard cock from Marcy's dripping cunt with an audible squish. Then he leaned into the car, put his hand firmly on the back of her neck and pushed her head down against the leather of the Chevy's seat so that her back arched up and her curvy buttcheeks rose into the air.

"Donny? What the-"

Marcy's words were swallowed in her surprise because Donny Mitchell, her beloved Donny, had positioned the bulging head of his cock against her exposed anus...

A guy goes into a whorehouse, slaps $100.00 down on the counter and says "I want the ugliest whore in the house and a burnt steak!"

The guy on the counter replies "Man, for $100 you can have the best looking girl here and a fillet steak..."

The guys says "I'm not feeling sexy, I'm feeling homesick!"

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Yes, I've discovered Twitter at last and it's fantastic!

It's the sensitive bit on a girl between the TWAT and the SHITTER!

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Was up to his balls in Pete...

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The best engine in the world is the vagina:
It can be started with a single finger.
It takes any size piston.
It's self lubricating.
Every 4 weeks it does its own oil change.

It's just a pity the management system is so fucking temperamental.

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