Big Fat Cock

If you fancy some pussy stretching then I can't recommend this DVD enough.

As it says on the site:

It's bigger than big it's thicker than thick! Witness first hand as Shane Diesel, the man with one of the fattest cocks in the world, pleasures these sexy girls!! With deep hard pussy stretching penetration, there is nothing quite like it, if you like big cocks in tight twats.He is a legend in the making and you get to see it first hand!

It's just like a real one, only bigger.

this website iz really good and the clips are fantastic.
wow your dick is so fucking big it makes my pussy drip just looking at it and you have me fantacising about riding the fuck out of it. your dick is blessed and it needs to be in my pussy and youll have a hard time getting it in there but youll have me cumming for days..bye fat dick....
It's nice to hear from a girl who admits to being turned on by a big fat cock. Let me stretch ya!
I'm chubby craving for sexand cock sucking.
I can't wait to have my pussy filled with a cock so big.Wish u were here to give me some right now...
I've seen movies of this guy and he has one FAT cock! I'd love to take all the way in me!!!!

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