Squirting Porn DVD

Cytherea's Squirt Queens

As I mentioned in an earlier Great Porn DVD article I had found a little gem, I thought it only fair to give you some more information on her.

Now it seems Cytherea is an established porn star and I am not surprised. She is very pretty, slim with a fantastic pussy. She really gets involved when she's fucking, no piece of meat this one! Anything goes, spit roasting, double deckers the lot. She can take the biggest fattest cocks bollock deep and when she cums...

Oh, god, I nearly lost it then, phew. When she cums her legs go, she shakes and she squirts all over the place. God, how she squirts.

She is just about the sexiest, best fucking, porn star on the plannet bar none. Cytherea's Squirt Queens is a must buy

She is SEX ON LEGS, albeit very wet legs.

this is a great film, anyone into squirting films like me, will love this.
sexy sexy babe but very messy to take to bed. not for around parents house!

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