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A guy wakes up in hospital and gradually realises where he is and that he's been injured. He cries out for a doctor.

A doctor arrives and asks him what he wants first, the good news or the bad news.

The guy visibly pales and asks for the bad news first.

The doctor tells him he's been involved in a serious accident and has had both his legs amputated.

Almost fainting the guy asks what the good news is.

You've always wanted your cock to reach the ground...

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Cock Rings

Favourite Sex Toys For Men

Cock Rings are without doubt men's favourite sex toy. They are amongst the simplest of sex toys and it is perhaps their simplicity that makes them so popular. They appeal to both young and old, gay or straight. They are small and therefore easy to conceal from unwanted attention.

Cock Rings work by restricting the flow of blood in the penis. By placing a ring at the base of the penis right behind the testicles both erection and ejaculation can, to some degree be controlled.

Many men swear that their penis gets larger when they wear a cock ring and there is some truth in this as the blood is under a greater pressure than normal so the erection is more rigid. The veins on the penis will visibly stand out and throb. So girls, get your man a cock ring and you'll not be disappointed with the result.

Dual Ringer NubbyThe Dual Ringer Nubby is an interesting cock ring with a fringed ring for the shaft and an extra loop to go behind the balls to lift them. Customers report heightened sensations in the testicles from this lifting effect.

Here's a great testimonial:
This was my first cock ring. Really gets the veins up on your cock and gives a lovely sensation in the balls when thrusting. Fucked the arse off the girlfriend with it on last night, I'm getting a hard on just thinking about it! She screamed the house down!

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