Huge Cock


When my girlfriend saw this cock she laughed, when I saw it I cried (laughing).

I believe the owner of this beauty is called Justin. If he's not he should be!

Seriously though, I do feel sorry for this guy, I have had so much fun with my cock...

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I think we need to come up with some funny captions for this (very sad) photograph. I just hope that Justin has a sense of humour.

You smoke that, I'll suck a sweet.
Inch high, private eye!
Take that baby!
Derr, I think you'll find that is a clitoris.

Your a typical man!
I bet his name is Justin!
easy to give head to mind you
i think i know this guy...>
Nice of him to shave the hair off so that we could see it!
my nose is bigger howboutit
Try Miracle grow?

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