Ever fancied watching someone wanking?

Or even shagging?

Of course you have. With modern technology it's easy, all you need is a computer and a web connection to watch filthy exhibitionists having webcam sex.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be looking at various webcam sites and reporting back to you on what I have found. It's a tough assignment.

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Another review of this excellent porn DVD.

The first scene is very good. The girl has a lovely slim body. The guy is tanned and fit and has a thick and unusually curved cock. The plot involves the girl going to the garage where her car is being fixed...

Who cares about the plot or the dialog? The fucking is great. You get all those arse slapping and squelching sounds as the girl gets fucked good and hard. Good camara angles and very clear photography. The girl (shown on the cover) has that sluttish appeal, tattoos complete the look!

There's a lot of doggy style action and the girls outer pussy lips are splayed nicely revealing a stiff little clit and pink inner lips...

For me the best bit was near the end of the scene when the girl is fucked from behind over the car. Great views of deep penetration and the juices flowing. In general the girl looks as if she is really enjoying it and she's quick to grab the guy's cock and get it back in her whenever the guy withdraws.

The only annoying thing is the guy's expressions (looks like he's chewing a wasp) but that's a small criticism. This is a great DVD to watch with your girlfriend or on your own. This scene is just straight vaginal sex with nothing stronger (or more perverted) but it is well worth watching.

See the earlier review.

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Further to the previous article on cock rings...

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is said.

You would not believe this but this is Justin (Huge Cock) after trying on his first cock ring...

Only joking! But you probably follow my drift.

Check out the throbbing veins and shiny swollen helmet. Also, presents the balls nicely for clit banging when doing it doggy style!

Free Cock Ring

Do You Want A FAT Shiny Cock?

Bionic Tonic Sex Toys are giving away a Pure Arousal cock ring for FREE when you spend £40.00 or more on a single order.

For those of you out there that have never used a cock ring, they are the Number 1 Sex Toy for men.
Pull one down your shaft and over your balls and flex your cock a couple of times to get the blood into it. The ring stops the blood from getting out and you end up with a bulging throbing cock. All the veins stand out and your helmet will be so shiny you can see your face in it.

You will have the longest and thickest hard-on of your life.

My girlfriend loves it!

A good source of information and products can be found on Bionic Tonic's cock rings information page.

I just found this little gem over on the Bionic Tonic Sex Toys site in a Feeldoe sex toy review:

I bought this for my girlfriend to try on me, to put in her pussy and give me a good rogering, but what we really enjoy is when I squeeze it into my butt and double bang her, she loves to have it in both holes and it fits quite well and doesn't come out very easily.

"C'est la vie" say the old folk...

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