Huge Black Cock

Hung Like A Horse!

Biggz is back! The man with the supercock is once again ready to lay down the pipe. Will the amazing squirting powers of Cytherea be able to push the big black snake away? We don't think so.... But we sure want to watch her try! And if you wonder how can this monumental doing fit in Alex Devine's tiny little mouth, wait until she takes it all the way in her ass! Sounds like the beginning of an awesome porn flick? It certainly is.

This filthy porn DVD comes highly recommended, I totally agree with the review below. Another bonus is seeing Cytherea again shuddering to orgasm and squirting like a fire hydrant. The nearest most of us can get to Biggz is by using the X-Man Black Dildo.

Here's a review:

Amazingly his cock does fit up an arse! I bet that girl shits sideways... The last time I saw a cock like that it was swinging between the legs of a Grand National winner. It really does look like a horses cock. Biggz himself doesn't do too much other than regular pumping but I suppose with a cock like his you don't have to be an acrobat. I'm quite surprised that the girls seem to be able to take the whole (or should that be hole) length. The term 'Mersey Tunnel' comes to mind. The best fucking in my opinion is the bonus feature with a lovely little blonde chick. I would definitely recommend this DVD and I'd give it 9/10, it's very good.

It's long, it's thick, it's a big black dick, er, I mean penis.

Biggest Vibrator

14" King Kong Vagina Stretcher

Tired of those puny little six inchers?

Want that full up feeling?

Want something to chew on?

This monster is not surprisingly called the King Kong, it's 14" (35cm) long and 3" (7.5cm) wide. It's the biggest vibrator I've found on the web.

This is the sort of vibrator our pussy monster would have for breakfast.

Can double up as a rolling pin when not splitting vaginas and arses.

Comes with pot of axle grease and a mallet.

Here's a couple of King Kong reviews:
My first impression of the King Kong was it massive but got me dripping which turned my partner on too.highly recommended but its very big.I would recommend King Kong.of course

My first impression of the King Kong was it was massive. I couldnt wait I stripped nude and stuck it up my pussy and had the best feeling of my life.Every night i stick it up there and it's fantastic.I would recommend King Kong.

My mum always used to say "Your eyes are bigger than your belly", I dread to think what she would say if she saw this...

I bet the guy with the pump thinks he's filling the wrong hole.

That girl has certainly got some cheek.

She's only doing it for the crack.

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Years ago I had a mate who always had girls after him and they all spoke of him as being very good in bed.

I asked him about what he did to girls that made them all say he was fantastic in bed. He told about a technique that he called "Rubbing the bone" and he explained how to do it. "They go fucking mad" he said.

I now realise that he was rubbing the g-spot, a bit ahead of his time...

He said "Stick two fingers in and up and you feel a spongy bone, rub it for about ten minutes and they go fucking wild"!

Sound familiar?

Look here for more information on locating and pleasuring the g-spot. You won't regret it!
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