Bondage Mask Review

Horsebit Gimp Mask

I was passed this bondage mask review by my pals in the sex retail trade. They no longer sell this product but laughed when they read the review.

I hope you do too.

My first impression of the Horsebit Gimp Mask was excellent build quality, the reigns and blinkers were especially enjoyable.

As a fetish lover since the age of 20, I have tried many fetishes and fetish related equiptment with my friends. Especially my friend Craig Ball, who appreciates the whole Gimp related arena. I sustained from my unusual activities during a 5-in-the-bed incident, involving some of my excellent friends.

I would reccomend this product to anybody, from rank amateurs to pros. I myself, being a pro, find this product very easy to clean. Semen stains can sometimes be a hassle, but, if like myself, you enjoy the taste of your own, just use your mouth.I hope you find this review useful.

I would recommendHorsebit Gimp Mask. Also, try dogging.
~ Ian Osborn

This DVD from Quality Adult Sex DVDs is an educational DVD. Now I've had time to watch it here are my observations:

Does the g-spot exist? Yes.

Do the women actually squirt? Yes.

Is it piss? No.

Is it faked? No.

Is the technique of causing squirting properly explained? Yes.

Do women get pleasure from it? Yes, very much so.

Is the DVD sexually arrousing? No, not really, strangely enough.

Who should buy it? Anyone interested in giving a women an ultimate sexual experience.

Who should not buy it? Anyone who wants a DVD to be a masturbation/sex aid.

Do I recommend it? Yes, but only if you want to be educated.

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