I'd like to tell you about my first encounter with a penis enlarger...

Many years ago I was out walking with a group of friends when we walked over a rubbish tip. I was taking casual kicks at convenient bits of rubbish as you do, when one of the boxes I kicked burst open spilling its contents.

What's that? I remember thinking looking at what appeared to be a large test tube with an orange pipe with a bulb at the end. Closer examination of the box revealed it to be a Dr Charthams Penis Developer and it was brand new and unused, complete with instructions.

A find like that was too good to be just discarded and was therefore taken away with us.

As we all lived at home with our parents then there was no way any of us dared to take it home but one friend had an old van that he called his Shagging Wagon and decided he would be the custodian of our prize.

Whether he used it or not I have no Idea, he certainly never said so but years later he advertised himself in a contact mag as having an 8 incher...

Later, on a road trip to Brighton in the aforementioned Shagging Wagon I found myself alone in the van. I dug the cock enlarger out from its hide-away under the driver's seat, got my cock out, poked it into the tube and pumped furiously on the bulb. My cock was sucked up into the tube and did look a lot bigger, partly due to the curved glass magnifying it, not unlike looking at fish in a bowl. I quickly put the device back under the driver's seat before my friends returned.

Two years later my friend the van owner, was stopped and the van was searched by the police. He had the unenviable and embarassing task of explaining what the cock enlarger was to a curious Police Constable.

The officer confiscated it along with some filthy porn mags that he also found and presumably they were put to good use down at the station...

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