Steel Cock Rings

How to put one on and what it will do for you.

Steel cock rings require the right size to be chosen for proper fit. You must measure your cock both when soft and hard. For the cock ring that goes in front of the balls, measure at the base of your cock next to your balls. For a cock ring that goes behind the balls, put the tape measure around the ball bag and the shaft at the base of your cock, right next to your body.

The correct size should not fall off even when your cock is soft. When hard, the cock ring should prevent the blood from getting out, thus producing a swollen stiff cock with the veins protruding as in the picture to the left.

If your cock turns blue, then you've over done it. Only joking but remember that your cock is your prized possession so pay attention to it.

Once you have the right sized rings you should put them on before you get a hard-on. For the ring that is to be worn behind the balls, put one ball through at a time. Then, helmet first, put your cock through the remaining space in the ring. It sounds difficult but is actually quite easy when you get used to it.

If you haven't had sex with a cock ring on or you are a girl who has not been on the end (quite literally) of a swollen engorged cock ring wearing penis, then you do not know what you are missing.

So, if you fancy a go, get over to my favourite Sex Toys shop and buy yourself one of their nice cock rings.

You could also try this site out for their penis rings. They have a larger selection but their prices are a bit higher.

You won't regret it!

now thats a cock!!!!
hity for commentsthst's my penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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