Huge Black Cock

Wham Bam Wounded Mam!

This huge black cock brings home the full meaning of the expression 'Hung like a horse'.

The realistic Bam Penis is a thick 13 inch monster cock. Until you actually hold this beauty in your hands, you will not realise the power of a huge cock. At 8.5" around it is far too thick to get your fingers around, the average 6" penis literally looks like a maggot next to it.

Anyone considering inserting this into their vagina or anus needs to plan the session very carefully. You will need plenty of lubrication and time. Just getting the helmet in would constitute a triumph. The suction cup can be stuck to smooth surfaces to allow hands free action, they'll be pulling yourself apart and guiding it in! When you do this the whole cock bends under its own weight, yet is still firm enough for penetration. But please, please, don't forget the lube!

OK, you've seen the cock, now do you want to see it being used? Watch some serious fucking? I've managed to find a DVD featuring Bam, who strangely, like many guys with huge cock's will fuck both women and men. Bam, Big Black and Beautifull porn DVD has Bam in various sexual encounters with guys and girls that are eager to stretch themselves to the limit (physically and metaphorically).

What would you do with a cock like that?

For some ideas check the First Time Video Girls site out and watch the Masturbation Video 2 it's brilliant, really is! The link is at the top left of the page. Oh and don't worry it's FREE.

wow! luv to sit on that.
mmmm i want that cock in my juicy tight pussy
What a beautiful dildo! I wish I was with Jocelyn to help!
wow that's bigger than my small 3 incher
ohh.. just looking at that has my pussy dripping.
i would love to show you how that really feels
I want that inside my ass so bad or Id settle or the real thing

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