Thongs & G-Strings

Another chance to see sexy girls in sexy underwear!

Thong visible above waistband on low-rise jeans. Very sexy.It's a lovely hot day today and summer seems to be close. Girls will be wearing thongs and g-strings again, just visible above their low-rise jean waistbands! I can't wait!

I know they seem to be a little less popular now and they have received some bad press but they look so cool (on the right girl).

Sorry girls but those big apple steamer pants are a very big turn-off for guys. They just look fuddy duddy and send out a boring signal.

I'm a woman 30 years old, 5'5 118. When I met my current bf he had me toss out nearly every pair of panties I own. We went to bloomingdales and saks 5th and bought like 20 G-strings and 5 pairs of Ultra low rise jeans. Big bucks for some of them but I love them now.
God Bless You New 30 Year Old. As long as there's girls like you around, there will always be happy geezers. The female butt is a lovely thing and it looks even more fantastic in a thong!
should be telegraphists daughter, who did it like her dada did it!
g strings rule i love my lady in hers and fucking her whilst wearing it, the friction om your cock is amazing
I think you mean 'my cock'. Sadly, I get no friction on my cock when you fuck your lady.

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