Up Skirt Snake GirlUp Skirt Snake GirlUp Skirt Snake Girl Bare PussyUp Skirt Snake Girl Bare PussyThis very pretty Australian girl forgot that she was 'commando' when she got carried away playing with this large snake. My guess is it's a Pocket Python Trouser Snake. It really brought out the animal in her. Unfortunately we got a good view of her Brazilian Beaver.

I reckon she did know what she was doing judging by the cheeky grin in the last photo. Those poor guys just did not know what they were missing!

Anyway, a quick Ozzie joke for you.

What do Australian girls put behind their ears to make themselves more attarctive to guys?

Their legs!

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The caption:

Save A
Do Me Instead

That caption is aimed at guys, I'd say. She's game for a laugh but I suspect that it's more of an ice breaker than a genuine offer!

I've broken in six or seven virgins and to be honest it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Most of them did not really know how to fuck, after all it was the first time for them. I always treated them with respect and went gently with them. It's a big responsibility and not a game.

I always took time and made an extra effort to make it as memorable and pleasurable as possible. It's said that a girl always remembers her first fuck. I remember mine and maybe one day I'll tell the story. It's hilarious!

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Well they do when I fuck them!

The Nexus Glide is the latest addition to the Nexus family of prostate massager sex toys. I cannot say anything about it yet as it is not officially released until the end of the month.

What I can say is that it is thinner than the Nero and has an innovative ball bearing on the perineum stimulator. By all reports this takes prostate milking to the next level.

Watch this space!

Prostate Massage for Couples - How To

A guide for male g-spot massage for couples

You can buy the Nero (shown below) from Bionic Tonic AND they are doing a special offer. When you buy the Nero Male G-Spot Massager you also get a tube of Anal Eaze Lubricant thrown in for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So not only do they have the best price but you get Five Quids worth of lube to get you started!

Nero Male G-Spot MassagerProstate Massagers aka Male G-Spot Massagers are rapidly becoming one of the most talked about and popular sex toys. So I am presenting you with this 'How To Guide' to whet your appetite...

The ancient technique of prostate massage or male g-spot massage has been used for centuries for both the goodhealth of the prostate gland (male g-spot) and intensifiedsexual pleasure. When used in conjunction with ‘traditional’ sex acts,such as oral and penetrative sex, stimulation of the prostate glandcan intensify the male orgasm, increase size and hardness oferections, and result in beneficial ‘milking’ of the prostate.

The Male Orgasm
Men have typically had short, fast orgasms which are accompanied by ejaculation, very rarelyexperiencing ejaculate-free orgasms as women do, despite women also having the ability to ejaculate.Prostate massage allows for deeper, longer, more satisfying orgasms for men whether they involveejaculation or not.

The Male G-Spot
Women have long enjoyed deep, full body orgasms. It is far easierfor a woman to have these than it is for a man, as the access to thefemale G-Spot is inside her vagina, whereas the access to a man’sG-Spot (prostate gland) is via his anus. This makes it largely less popular with the general public.Stimulating the prostate for greater sexual fulfillment is one of the worlds best kept secrets. With thenew generation of prostate massagers being scientifically and medically designed, finding the hot spotis far easier, safer, and sexier than in the past.

Penis-Free Full Body Orgasms
Without stimulation of the penis, men can experience full body orgasms, which can be repeated manytimes over when a prostate massager is used. Every man has this capability; it’s just a matter offinding the right combination of stimulants. When a partner is involved, the penis is much more likelyto be part of the action, which makes ejaculate-free orgasms very unlikely. What it does allow islonger, more deeply felt orgasms, with far more ejaculate than normal. The penis also gets harderand sometimes slightly bigger.Prostate massage is a great way to perk up your sex life and learn more about each other.

Notes About this Guide
Because this guide is for couples, there will be no further reference to ejaculate-free orgasms, and itwill be assumed that activities will involve the penis, and therefore ejaculation. If you wish to knowmore about ejaculate-free orgasms for men, please see the leaflet entitled “Prostate Massagers: AHow-To Guide” available in the same place as this guide, which is designed for using a prostatemassager alone. It is possible for a man to have ejaculate-free orgasms with a partner, but you willhave to figure out your own methods with help from both leaflets, as this is a very personal subject.

Prostate Massagers with a Partner - For Beginners
Prostate massagers are designed so they stimulate the prostate, anal canal, and perineum. Thiscombination of stimulation ensures the highest chance of success for achieving orgasmic success anddiscovering new ways to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Partaking in sexual activity with apartner can be a deeply satisfying experience, and enriching to a relationship. Prostate massage canbe done with a specialised toy, or with a well-placed finger. The instructions provided in this leaflet goover both methods.

Before you get Started
You will need to put aside a couple of hours where you and your partner will not be disturbed, and youcan both totally relax. At first, you may wish to begin learning to use a prostate massager alone to getused to the idea and sensations without the fear of being watched, or any ‘accidents’ that may happenregarding soiling. Practicing alone first can give you some much needed confidence before bringing inyour partner. Essentially, the choice is yours so do whatever feels the most comfortable for you.

Grab a couple of towels and pillows, and some good quality anal lubricants. Silicon lubricant is often the best,because it lasts for a long time without having to be reapplied, and won’t eat away at condoms. It isyour choice if you want to cover the toy with a condom or not. If you would prefer to douche prior tousing this toy, do so. Anal Douches are inexpensive and effective.

Note: The anal canal is usually very clean as faeces are not stored in this area, but up further in therectum and bowel. It would help for comfort if your bowels are empty, and this should be done at leasthalf an hour before using your prostate massager.

Cover your ‘workspace’ with a towel, and set out everything you will need. Keeping everything handyis helpful because stopping to get things can be distracting. Now, try to remove any expectations youmay have about this experience. Relax, breathe, and open your mind.

Prostate massagers are not ordinary sex toys, and cannot be treated as such. They are not dildos orvibrators, and are not designed to be thrust in and out. A prostate massager is self-propelled by theanal sphincter muscle and the minute quivers and contractions, both voluntary and involuntary.

Everything you do for starters will be slow, careful, and hopefully very exciting! Above all else, relaxand enjoy every sensation the massager has to offer. The journey is all part of the fun, and havingsomeone to share it with makes it even more exciting.

Prostate Massage for Couples Seven Step Guide

Step 1: Relax and Breathe
Good things come to those who practice! Learning how to deeply relax and connect your mind with your bodyis vital to the success of your anal explorations with a prostate massager. Start your session with some deepbreathing, and feel how each breath enters and exits your body. Lie down and feel your diaphragm moving.Concentrate on relaxing each of your muscles and removing expectations of what is about to happen. Breatheall those old ideas you had about male sexuality out.

Step 2: Arousal
This part is entirely up to you - do whatever turns you and your partner on.Try to do things which don't includethe penis until you are fully worked up. You want this to be slow and sensuous. Your anal area doesn't produceany natural lubrication, so it is important to massage plenty of lube into the anus and on the toy. The prostatetakes a little time to warm up andengorge fully with blood, so just take it easy. Being well-rested and havingplenty of time to play is a good idea - there is a whole world in there! Take the time to discover it.

Step 3: Insert the Prostate Massager
This can be done by either of you, though it can be very arousing if done correctly by your partner. Extremecare must be taken! The anal tissue is very delicate. It is helpful if either of you have done it before so youknow what it is supposed to feel like, but this is not always necessary. Ensure adequate lubrication at all times.

Arousing The Anus: Arousing the anus prior to insertion can be a real advantage, so licking or rubbing theanus gently and lightly while briefly stimulating the penis will help to open it and relax the muscles.

Nero Male G-Spot Massager InsertedWhile inserting, breathe evenly ad deeply, and relax the sphincter muscleswith each exhalation. Take it slowly. Fit it completely and comfortablyinside your anal canal. Breathe and feel the sensations

Positioning: The prostate massager can be inserted while he is on his hands and knees, which can be anarousing and sexy position to be in. Other options are on his side, with his knees slightly bent, or with his feetresting under his buttocks, kneeling. Make sure the toy is well lubricated. He should be in whatever position iscomfortable. Lying on his back can cause the massager handle to push on the bed, which can causediscomfort. Hands and knees, on the side, or kneeling are all good positions to allow his partner access to allparts of his body for arousal.

Breathing: While inserting, breathe evenly and deeply, and relax the sphincter muscles with each exhalation.Take it slowly. Fit it completely and comfortably inside your anal canal. Continue with your erotic play, keepingpenis contact to a minimum, but do cause an erection. Keep the stimulation varied in whatever manner youprefer. He needs to concentrate on the sensations in his prostate and abdomen area.

Step 4: Get Used to it
Breathe and feel the sensations. Play around and see what different things feel like.

Step 5: Start Small Contractions
When he feels comfortable with it inside him, he may feel the swell of his prostate against the toy. The prostateengorges with blood upon arousal, and this is why it is possible to feel it. This is what will provide thestimulation to milk the prostate, and have more intense orgasms.

The reverberations of the anal contractions will vibrate up the shaft of the toy, into the head, and onto hisprostate. Try contracting on inhalation, and letting go on exhalation. The untrained muscles will probablyquiver involuntarily: this is good. He will feel the effects in his prostate.

Play around with the contractions and see how it feels with long ones, strong ones, short ones, and weak ones.Maintaining tautness in the sphincter will cause involuntary quivers, which in effect stimulate the prostate in apositive way. See what feels good. Keep the erotic stimulation on other parts of the body, and build intoa rhythm.

Step 6: Take it further
You can now involve the penis in a more full-on way. Do whatever you like, and explore the sensations you arefeeling. There are no rules now, so find your own pleasure-spots and techniques. Most feelings are heightenedat this point, so make the most of them! Feelings tend to build up and come in waves.

Step 7: Keep Practicing
Try different things, check out forums, talk to people. Every man’s experience with a prostate massager isdifferent, but the sensations are normally very similar in the process. If for some reason you don’t enjoy theexperience, try again another day. These things can take a bit of time to perfect, but don’t forget that everyman can enjoy this.

Removing the Prostate Massager
Take it out by pulling on the handle gently. The anal area has great suction capacity, so you may have to exertsome pressure. Using the anal muscles like when on the toilet can also help.

Hygiene and Safety When Using Prostate Massagers
Prostate massagers are designed to very high hygiene and safety standards. Lubricant must always be usedwhen partaking in anal penetration. The anal canal does not produce its own natural lubricant. Silicone lubricantis very effective and won’t disintegrate condoms. Condoms can be used with your prostate massager, thoughare not essential. The toys are easily cleaned with a small amount of detergent and hot water. They can alsobe placed on the top rack of dishwashers. It is important to rinse and dry the toy immediately after use to avoidbacteria growth. The toys have a handle and perineum stimulator which acts as an anchor, keeping the endoutside where it should be. It is impossible to get it lost inside you. The smooth shaft and head are seam-freeso nothing will tear or damage the sensitive tissue in the anal area.

See other male g-spot articles on AdultsExoticA.

Find more infomation on prostate massage on the web.

You can buy the Nero (shown above) from Bionic Tonic AND they doing an special offer. When you buy the Nero Male G-Spot Massager you also get a tube of Anal Eaze Lubricant thrown in for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So not only do they have the best price but you get Five Quids worth of lube to get you started!

I went to a seafood disco last week...and pulled a mussel.

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Sex is like beer. When it's good, it's really, really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good!
~ Anonymous

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The tongue is the only instrument that gets sharper with use.
~ Anonymous

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I recently got done by the police for having an offensive person on my weapon.

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