Fucked By Huge Dildos

Sandy Fucked By Huge DildoHere's a fantastic site dedicated to girls geting fucked by absolutely massive dildos. It's called Brutal Dildos for some reason and has movies and pictures of pussies getting stretched wide open by huge dildos.

There are plenty of free movie clips to watch and my favourite (shown left) is called Sandy's Brutal Experience. She has the thickest dildo stuck up her and as it comes out you can see just how much she has taken up her. What I like is the girl intently watching as the massive cock pumps in and out. You can see the girls stretched pussy lips clinging to the veined shaft! My guess is that it is a Bam Realistic Cock that she's riding!

Then she gets fucked by a machine and once again you can see her distended vulva (I love that word) barely coping with the dildo as it almost splits her. Anyway, don't take my word for it, go and take a look for yourself.

women can take more cock and big fucking items if they relax more, so cum on ladies relax more for your man or woman. I have big hands and would love to fist fuck a woman, she would need to be about 5,3 size 8 to 10 and like a fist up her pussy, and she would have to know how to squirt, in my face.
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