Why do gay men wear ribbed condoms?

For more traction in the mud.

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What is the difference between medium and rare?

Six inches is medium, eight inches is rare.

If you are presently medium but would like to be rare, my article on penis enlargement may interest you.

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Glide Male G-Spot Massager

The Latest Anal Prostate Toy From Nexus

Glide Male G-Spot MassagerThe Glide Male G-Spot Massager is the latest addition to the Nexus family of Anal Prostate Toys. The prostate is now well known to be a man's sexual centre, controlling his erections, ejaculation, and orgasms. The Nexus Glide has been medically designed to fit snugly around the prostate, locking on for maximum orgasmic pleasure. This male G-Spot stimulator works in harmony with your own body movements to tap into the extreme pleasure zones of the prostate gland, perineum, and anal area. The combined stimulation of these three hot spots creates far more intense, longer, and more pleasurable orgasms for men.

The Nexus Glide is thinner than the Nexus Nero to make insertion easier and has a ball bearing in the perineum probe. The sensation of this ball bearing on the perineum has been likened to being queened by an eager tongue. Oooh er!

See related articles on male g-spot massagers.

New York Hooker: This fur coat cost me fifty bucks.

Cockney Hooker: 'Ere, don't you pronounce your F's funny.

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A man and his wife were spending the day at the zoo.

She was wearing a loose fitting, pink dress, sleeveless with straps.He was wearing his usual jeans and T-shirt.As they walked through the ape exhibit,they passed in front of a large, silverback gorilla.

Noticing the wife, the gorilla went crazy.He jumped on the bars, and holding on with one hand and 2 feet he grunted and pounded his chest with his free hand.He was obviously excited at the pretty lady in the pink Dress.

The husband, noticing the excitement, thought this was funny.He suggested that his wife tease the poor fellow some more by puckering her lips and wiggling her bottom. She played along and the gorilla got even more excited, making noises that would wake the dead. Then the husband suggested that she let one of herstraps fall to show a little more skin.

She did... And the gorilla was about to tear the bars down.

"Now... Show your thighs and sort of fan your dress at him," he said. This drove the gorilla absolutely crazy, and he started doing flips.

Then the husband grabbed his wife, ripped open the door to the cage, flung her in with the gorilla and slammed the cage door shut.

"Now. Tell him you have a headache."

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May we?
Mais oui!

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Here's another review from our favourite sex pot Victoria.

Before I say anything else, any girl reading this review, trust me, buy one of these and all your dreams will come true. I now couldn’t live with out mine and have told all my friends to buy one of these.

When I first saw it, I thought it looked fairly harmless, nice colour and made of a nice soft jelly rubber that I knew would feel nice in my pussy, I wasn’t wrong, Jamie my partner pushed my legs apart and started to rub my clit, this always turns me on, then as I became more & more wet he slowly parted my lips and slipped a finger in, making sure I was nice and wet and ready.

With my legs spread and my pussy now wanting more Jamie pushed the G-spot Tickler in to me, with it vibrating softly he pressed the tickler on to my clit, I could feel the little nobbly bits brushing over my hard clit, as he increased the power the sensations were out of this world, I wanted to cum there and then, it was little shocks of pleasure going through my body. I was begging for more and wanting fucking so hard afterwards.

The G-spot Tickler is an all rounder, great to use alone and with a partner, Jamie loves watching me use it on myself and I soon get lost in the pleasure of it all giving him a show thats well worth watching. I love him using it on me as pleasure is always heightened when its done by someone else and he knows exactly where I like to be touched, but is also great for going solo, the G-spot Tickler will have you at the point of climax in no time.

Its one of those toys you will use for years to come and won’t be able to live without.

Victoria & Jamie
Vibrating G-String For Great Sex

Tiny Victoria gets her arse fucked!

Here's a product review from Victoria & Jamie. They really know how to fuck! Right enough, so they do!

Jamie and I always go out on a Friday night, afterworking hard all week it's the least we deserve, asits summer I can wear a nice little dress and noknickers, which I always like to inform him about halfway through the evening, just to give him an idea whatis instore for him when we get home.

Only on this occasion when we got home I decided toput on the Vibrating Knicker Ticklers, they look andfit just like a normal G-string but with the addedbonus for us girls of a secret pocket with a vibratingsilver bullet, just what a girl needs, and beingcrotchless just what your guy needs.

Well we had the time of our lives, after lots of pussylicking and fingering, easily done whilst wearingthese knickers, we decided to go at it doggy style,but with a difference.

Jamie, lubed me up well, giving me a good fisting,then still wearing the knickers he put King Kong Vibrator inme, fucking me really hard, at this point I am readyto cum and I am begging for it harder, so I turn on myto my side, knickers still vibrating against my clit,me fucking my self hard with King Kong and Jamie nowputting his hard cock up my arse.

Well talk about sensation overload, I screaming for itharder and having the orgasm of my life and Jamie isfucking me hard up the arse then pulls out and shootshis load all over my arse.

End to a perfect evening I would say.

Victoria & Jamie

Wow! I'm loving it!

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Some hot news: Our friends over at Bionic Tonic have started to sell Fisting Dildos so you can now fist fuck yourself!

When I read the review of the King Kong Vibrator, I was amazed to learn that Victoria likes being fist fucked. So, I asked her if she could write a Fisting Guide to explain, not only how to do it but also what pleasure you can get from it. What follows is in Victoria's and Jamie's own words...

Hi, I’m Victoria and I recently wrote a review on theamazing King Kong Dildo, in the review I mentioned that I like a good fisting and thought a step by stepguide on how do to it would help out all those firsttimers out there who are keen to give it ago but don’tknow where to start. So I asked Jamie my partner forhelp and he has given a step by step set ofinstructions on how to do it. From a girls perspectiveit will give you the most amazing orgasm, for me itsnot like a normal orgasm on Jamie’s gorgeous hard cockbut one that shakes through my whole body, its raunchyand wild. I like nothing better than feeling himfisting me hard with the G-spot tickler on my clit, itreally drives me wild. You may be wondering what he’sgetting out of all of this, trust me, he gets just asturned on seeing me having such a great time that whenits his turn to a good seeing to he knows he’ll begetting the blow job of his life.

1) First things first, make sure you are both relaxedand comfortable with each other, acouple of glasses of wine are always a good start.

2) Get your girl really turned on by rubbing her clit.

3) Then slip a finger in to her nice wet pussy.

4) Then just do what turns her on most, with Victoriashe loves a good licking, with a fingerworking away on her clit.

5) The slowly insert more fingers one at a time, untilyou have four in, whilst still rubbing her clitmove your fingers in and out, slowly at first butfaster and deeper, listening to what yourpartner wants.

6) Then remove your hand and cover with lube up to thewrist, we use Super Slik as wehave found this to be the best, she may complainat this point as you have just re- moved her fun, but encourage her to play with herclit whilst you do this.

7) Once nicely lubed up, place two fingers in herpussy making sure she is well lubed, even if she is dripping wet you will still needextra lube, as you need to stay really lubricated throughout. A good rubbing of lube overthe pussy area is also good.

8) Now put four fingers in, making sure your palm isfacing west and tuck your thumbinto your palm.

9) Slowly insert your hand, you may want to let yourpartner hold your wrist and guide you in.

10) When you get to the knuckles this is the hardestpart, as this is the widest part, butpast this point she will be begging for more.

11)If you struggle at any point, stop, relax and tryagain, or remove the hand, add morelube and turn your partner on a bit more, trustme after the first time its alot easier.

12) Once you are past the knuckles, start to slowlyclench the fist, grabbing on to the thumb.

13) Once you have the fist in, experiment, let youpartner tell you what she wants, fast,slow, harder, faster etc. Victoria the firsttime went nice and slowly, she’s only little after all, but now she knows what to expect shegets the hardest fisting ever. Trust me, once you find what she likes she will bescreaming for more.

14)Note that once she orgasms the muscles willcontract, this makes it harder to remove your hand, so pull out just after orgasm unlessshe wants more and you are going for another, adding extra lube always helps to.

15) Slowly remove the hand, unfolding your fist as yougo, a good idea here is to let herguide you.

Well I hope that helps, trust me, its far worth theeffort the first time, because once she’s tried it shewill be begging for more, she will have the best andloudest orgasm of her life and you will have scoredbrownie points for weeks.

Enjoy, Jamie.

That's a clear explanation of what's involved for all those that are adventurous enough to try...

Also, if you would like to see girls fist fucking for free. Check out the Video 3 on the top left of the home page (www.ftvgirls.com/models.html not the splash page) it's fantastic. It's FREE to watch and there are no catches or funny business involved.

My friends at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys were recently contacted by a couple that are sex mad. They wanted to try out sex toys and write reviews. They liked the sound of the offer and sent them a box of goodies. What follows is the first review, Victoria is only size 6 which is tiny and her boyfriend Jamie has a huge cock. Victoria is a very sexy girl (and adventurous). Enjoy...

This does what it says on the packet, deliversexplosive orgasms!!! At 14 inches long and 3 incheswide, first response is "Oh my God, I'll never takethat". Well never say never as I'm a tiny size 6 and Imanaged it and had the most amazing fuck of my life, Ido suggest you use a huge amount of lube and a goodquality one at that, we used Super Slik as it'sexcellent.

As I said I am tiny but I'm used to a large cock as mypartner Jamie is rather blessed in that department andwe both love fisting, looking for an alternative tothat stretched full pussy feeling King Kong reallycomes into its own.

We decided after a couple of glasses of wine andfeeling extremely horny to give it ago, Jamie gave mypussy a good licking making me wet and dripping downmy legs, giving me a good fingering for good measure,lubed up I felt King Kong touch my pussy lips and Ifelt a shudder of anticipation, pushing slowly butfirmly Jamie spread my pussy lips and eased King Kongin, it was truly amazing, being that stretched, fulland tight is the most horny feeling. Once in I movedinto the doggy position and took a hard fucking, I wasscreaming, not in pain but for more, it was an amazingfuck.

I decided to give Jamie a bit of a show and decided tosquat over it like I had seen the girls do onwww.brutaldildos.com, I'm not sure who enjoyed it mostme or him, him watching or me riding hard up and downon this massive cock.

So don't be put off by its size, just enjoy the ride.

Victoria & Jamie

Wow! That should stir your loins!

There'll be more from Victoria & Jamie and I personally cannot wait.

Just to let you guys know.

Not only is every third DVD FREE at Quality Adult Sex DVDs, for the coming two weeks they offer FREE delivery on all UK orders.

That's what I call a fucking good deal!

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What's the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball?

A guy will actually search for a golf ball.

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In the book For Yourself, Dr. Lonnie Barbach reports: "Research by Arvalea Nelson indicates that consistently orgasmic women tend to describe themselves as contented, good-natured, insightful, self-confident, independent, realistic, strong, capable, and understanding while non-orgasmic women tend to describe themselves as bitter, despondent, dissatisfied, distrustful, fussy, immature, inhibited, prejudiced, and sulky."

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