Tiny Girl Fucked By Huge Vibrator

My friends at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys were recently contacted by a couple that are sex mad. They wanted to try out sex toys and write reviews. They liked the sound of the offer and sent them a box of goodies. What follows is the first review, Victoria is only size 6 which is tiny and her boyfriend Jamie has a huge cock. Victoria is a very sexy girl (and adventurous). Enjoy...

This does what it says on the packet, deliversexplosive orgasms!!! At 14 inches long and 3 incheswide, first response is "Oh my God, I'll never takethat". Well never say never as I'm a tiny size 6 and Imanaged it and had the most amazing fuck of my life, Ido suggest you use a huge amount of lube and a goodquality one at that, we used Super Slik as it'sexcellent.

As I said I am tiny but I'm used to a large cock as mypartner Jamie is rather blessed in that department andwe both love fisting, looking for an alternative tothat stretched full pussy feeling King Kong reallycomes into its own.

We decided after a couple of glasses of wine andfeeling extremely horny to give it ago, Jamie gave mypussy a good licking making me wet and dripping downmy legs, giving me a good fingering for good measure,lubed up I felt King Kong touch my pussy lips and Ifelt a shudder of anticipation, pushing slowly butfirmly Jamie spread my pussy lips and eased King Kongin, it was truly amazing, being that stretched, fulland tight is the most horny feeling. Once in I movedinto the doggy position and took a hard fucking, I wasscreaming, not in pain but for more, it was an amazingfuck.

I decided to give Jamie a bit of a show and decided tosquat over it like I had seen the girls do onwww.brutaldildos.com, I'm not sure who enjoyed it mostme or him, him watching or me riding hard up and downon this massive cock.

So don't be put off by its size, just enjoy the ride.

Victoria & Jamie

Wow! That should stir your loins!

There'll be more from Victoria & Jamie and I personally cannot wait.

She sure knows how to fuck! Any chance of her phone number?

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