Vibrating G-String For Great Sex

Tiny Victoria gets her arse fucked!

Here's a product review from Victoria & Jamie. They really know how to fuck! Right enough, so they do!

Jamie and I always go out on a Friday night, afterworking hard all week it's the least we deserve, asits summer I can wear a nice little dress and noknickers, which I always like to inform him about halfway through the evening, just to give him an idea whatis instore for him when we get home.

Only on this occasion when we got home I decided toput on the Vibrating Knicker Ticklers, they look andfit just like a normal G-string but with the addedbonus for us girls of a secret pocket with a vibratingsilver bullet, just what a girl needs, and beingcrotchless just what your guy needs.

Well we had the time of our lives, after lots of pussylicking and fingering, easily done whilst wearingthese knickers, we decided to go at it doggy style,but with a difference.

Jamie, lubed me up well, giving me a good fisting,then still wearing the knickers he put King Kong Vibrator inme, fucking me really hard, at this point I am readyto cum and I am begging for it harder, so I turn on myto my side, knickers still vibrating against my clit,me fucking my self hard with King Kong and Jamie nowputting his hard cock up my arse.

Well talk about sensation overload, I screaming for itharder and having the orgasm of my life and Jamie isfucking me hard up the arse then pulls out and shootshis load all over my arse.

End to a perfect evening I would say.

Victoria & Jamie

Wow! I'm loving it!

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