G-spot Tickler Sex Toy Review

Here's another review from our favourite sex pot Victoria.

Before I say anything else, any girl reading this review, trust me, buy one of these and all your dreams will come true. I now couldn’t live with out mine and have told all my friends to buy one of these.

When I first saw it, I thought it looked fairly harmless, nice colour and made of a nice soft jelly rubber that I knew would feel nice in my pussy, I wasn’t wrong, Jamie my partner pushed my legs apart and started to rub my clit, this always turns me on, then as I became more & more wet he slowly parted my lips and slipped a finger in, making sure I was nice and wet and ready.

With my legs spread and my pussy now wanting more Jamie pushed the G-spot Tickler in to me, with it vibrating softly he pressed the tickler on to my clit, I could feel the little nobbly bits brushing over my hard clit, as he increased the power the sensations were out of this world, I wanted to cum there and then, it was little shocks of pleasure going through my body. I was begging for more and wanting fucking so hard afterwards.

The G-spot Tickler is an all rounder, great to use alone and with a partner, Jamie loves watching me use it on myself and I soon get lost in the pleasure of it all giving him a show thats well worth watching. I love him using it on me as pleasure is always heightened when its done by someone else and he knows exactly where I like to be touched, but is also great for going solo, the G-spot Tickler will have you at the point of climax in no time.

Its one of those toys you will use for years to come and won’t be able to live without.

Victoria & Jamie

I really like the color they choose fo rthis toy it makes total sense to have it pink. I really like the tickler and would reccomend it to anyone looking ot enhance there sexual pleasure.

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