A vibrator can do it more than once a night.

Holy mother, full of grace
Bless my boyfriend's gorgeous face
Bless his hair that tends to curl
Keep him safe from all the girls
Bless his arms that are so strong
Keep his hands where they belong
Bless his dick, the first I've sucked
Bless the bed, in which we fucked
And if my Mom chanced to walk in
Bless the shit I'd be in.

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The angle of the dangle is equal to the thrust of the bust, if the urge remains constant.
~ Anonymous

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She offered her honour
He honoured her offer
And all night long he was
On her and off her.
~ Anonymous

Sexy Vibrating G-String

Victoria's at it again!

I had a nice surprise earlier today. I unexpectedly received the following from Victoria and I thought I would share it with you.

After watching the very naughty girls on FTVGirls.comand seeing them having a lot of fun with pantystuffing and of course being very turned on I decidedto give Jamie a bit of a floor show that would also befun for me. Using the Vibrating Knicker Tickler g-string forpanty stuffing with the little vibrating bullet insideand turned on was fantastic. I stood in front of himwith the knickers on, slowly and very seductivelyremoved them, keeping on the sexy strappy sandals thatI was wearing, I lay back on the bed, legs apart andpushed the knickers vibrating into my now very wetpussy, holding my pussy lips open for him to see, thenlay there writhing in ecstasy. I just keep findingmore and more use’s for these great little knickers.

Love Victoria X

I told Victoria about the FTV Girls site, I thought she would like it and she obviously does.

Check out my other posts about the FTV Girls site: Sexy Girls and Fist Fucking Girls.

CythereaIf you have a favourite porn star or would just like to browse. Check out this Porn Star Directory

I have a favourite, it's Cytherea on the left. I know she looks quite ordinary, pretty, yes but quite ordinary. No huge tits and I love big tits as long as they are natural.

No. What sets Cytherea apart and makes her the best porn star in my opinion is the way she fucks. She is athletic and enthusiastic and totally un-inhibited.

Oh, and god how she squirts!

Her legs actually go from under her as she orgasms and love juice squirts from her open vagina. It's real hard-on material. There's no such thing as 'Home and dry' with Cytherea!

Anyway, we're all different and we all have different tastes. So, why not take a look at the Porn Star Directory and see if you can find yourself a favourite. And you'll probably get a hard-on too, which is nice. (A wide-on if you're a girl).

Check out other posts on Cytherea.

A Man's Occupation

Or should that be preoccupation?

It's a man's occupation
To stick his cock-alation
Up a woman's ventilation
To increase the population
Of the future generation
Do you get my explanation?
Or do you need a demonstration?

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My mate Big Al was recently dumped on holiday by his girlfriend of five years. His girlfriend had stayed at home, he was with some male friends.

Heartbroken, he decided to cheer himself up with a take-away. She was gorgeous looking and Al looked forward to a night of passionate sex.

Back in the hotel they both showered, he surreptitiously took a Viagra tablet. When she reappeared he suggested that she gave him a twenty minute massage. She readily agreed.

Al lay on his stomach, naked on the bed. The Thai girl massaged him, she was also naked. "Frank" He told me, "I could feel her schmoo on my back and I was rigid!"

When Al turned over, she took one look at his huge rigid cock and said she couldn't take it. Al is big, very big. Hence the name. Funnily enough, Al was actually slightly relieved. "That's OK" He said. "Just give me a blow job". She replied "I don't do blow jobs." "You don't fuck and you don't suck, what sort of hooker are you?" Saddened, the girl fell silent.

Being a gentleman Al said "I'll give you some pleasure" as he went down on her. Al assured me that cunnilingus was his thing. "Frank, if I was in some sort of Sexual It's A Knockout, I'd play my trump card on pussy licking!" After about ten minutes of passionate tongue flicking on her clit, Al asked if she was enjoying it. "Not really" she replied.

Finally, Al ran out of patience. "Get your clothes on and fuck off." He told her. "Please" She said, "Don't you find me sexy?"

Poor old Al. He told me "I never seem to have any luck with prostitutes."

Erotic Nudes PhotographyCheck out Yanna, that's her on the left. Very, very sexy!

Photographed by award winning photographer Petter Hegre, these pictures remind me of summer in my back garden...

This is erotica not porn, there are no penetration shots. But the photography is of the highest quality. They offer 6000 pixel images of all their new models to their members. Thats HUGE! Thats ENORMOUS!

You can see individual hair folicles at this definition. It's as if you are actually on the sun bed with her. Very erotic poses too.

So, if you enjoy looking at beautiful naked women then this site is well worth a visit.

You don't have to tell a vibrator he's the best you've ever had!

Doggy Style

My Favourite Position

This fuck is taking quite a while
To speed things up we doggy style
Swinging breasts and swinging nuts
I'm buried deeply in her guts
Her back arches, arse cheeks splayed
Her favourite way of getting laid
She raises slightly, hand comes through
Caresses first one ball, then two
My thrusting cock is just a blur
And soon I'm pumping cream in her

Lay your girl on the recliner
Visions of her wet vagina
When you hear her begin small sighs
It's time to gently part her thighs
Slip one, then two fingers in
Feel the roll back of your skin
Lay her hand on your throbbing tool
Lightly her fingers encircle you
Your cock is heavily veined and thick
She leans over and gives it a lick
From balls to tip she uses her tongue
Then her mouth before she's done
She removes her panties and lays back
And positions you against her crack
It takes three thrusts to bury you
She gasps, then starts to thrust back too
Push it in deep as far as it goes
She clenches on you and curls her toes
You grab her ankles high and wide
To help get more of you inside
You look down at her gaping hole
Wet and stretched around your pole
Hear the squelching sounds they make
That's one thing no girl can fake
You feel your balls against her bum
She sound's like she's about to cum
She runs her fingers through your hair
A few more strokes and you'll be there
Withdraw yourself as you explode
And cover her with your pearly load
Pussy, belly, breasts and face
Your sperm flies all around the place
Her back arches and as if in pain
She screams "fuck me!" again and again

Erotic Nudes PhotographyCheck out Alena, she is a very, very sexy girl!

Photographed by award winning photographer Petter Hegre, these pictures are stunning...

This is erotica not porn. This girl is gorgeous and the photography is of the highest quality. They offer 6000 pixel images of all their new models to their members. Thats HUGE! Thats VERY HUGE!

You can see individual hair folicles at this definition. It's as if you are actually in bed with them. Very erotic poses too.

So, if you enjoy looking at beautiful naked women then this site is well worth a visit.

You can get a bigger vibrator whenever you want without being called a slut.

A guy goes to a whorehouse in New York and and asks at the pay desk what's available.

The girl on the pay desk says "You pays ya money and you takes ya choice."

So the guy pays his money and walks down the corridor to two doors...

Long Legs, Short Legs. The guy ponders the choice and then opens the Long Legs door and proceeds down the corridor to another two doors.

Big Tits, Small Tits. The guy ponders the choice and then opens the Big Tits door and proceeds down the corridor to another two doors.

Big Cunt, Little Cunt.The guy ponders the choice and then opens the Big Cunt door and goes back out into the street.

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People often ask me if I get any "specials" by running a sex blog.

The answer is "Yes I do. It's what's known in the trade as MINGE BENEFITS".

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Euro-Extender - Penis Enlargement DeviceThe Euro-Extender is the first SUPER COMFORTABLE Penis Enlargeravailable! Similar to other traction devices but able to be worn for longer.

It is not necessary to wear the Euro-Extender for a long uninterrupted time to obtain results. As an example: 2 hours of daily treatment for 12 months will give the same final result as 12 hours daily for 2 months. You can also take a break for a period of time without diminishing the final result.

Refraining from using the Euro-Extender does not result in "losing" part of the enlargement already gained. It may also be worn at night but may become detached during uneasy sleep or during a nightly erection.

I like the look of this device, the other similar devices available have a noose to hold the penis and it looks very uncomfortable. The Euro-Extender has an inch wide band which looks much more penis friendly...

I've been over to my favourite webcam site Sexhibitionism again and been a bit naughty...
I found a girl called DeepCummer and checked out the photo archive. You have to login to see them (registration is free) but believe me it's well worth it. Many of the pictures in the archive show DeepCummer getting fucked from all angles. She's not shy, one of the pictures shows lashings of sperm all over her splayed arse and cunt lips. The pictures are good quality too.

[07:07]DeepCummer:hi honey
[07:08]FrankLeopald:i'm stiff
[07:08]DeepCummer:i want to fuck
The scene opens with DeepCummer and a guy with a large stiff cock laying on a bed.
[07:09]FrankLeopald:let me see that fat cock in you please
[07:09]DeepCummer:have a favourite way?
[07:09]FrankLeopald:yes you on top
[07:09]DeepCummer:lol sure
DeepCummer gets astride the guy. She is facing away from me and I have a clear view of her being penetrated...
[07:10]FrankLeopald:that's great
DeepCummer starts moving up and down the cock. I can see that the cock is wet with pussy juices, the picture is that good.
[07:10]FrankLeopald:hard and fast please
DeepCummer leans forward and raises her arse, the guy under her starts thrusting at speed and I can see his balls swinging up to hit DeepCummers arse in a blur. Good God!
[07:12]FrankLeopald:sorry i've just cum everywhere
[07:12]DeepCummer:you're welcumm

Wow! I would like to carry on watching and see her get spunk all over her but I never manage to last that long...

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