Sexy Vibrating G-String

Victoria's at it again!

I had a nice surprise earlier today. I unexpectedly received the following from Victoria and I thought I would share it with you.

After watching the very naughty girls on FTVGirls.comand seeing them having a lot of fun with pantystuffing and of course being very turned on I decidedto give Jamie a bit of a floor show that would also befun for me. Using the Vibrating Knicker Tickler g-string forpanty stuffing with the little vibrating bullet insideand turned on was fantastic. I stood in front of himwith the knickers on, slowly and very seductivelyremoved them, keeping on the sexy strappy sandals thatI was wearing, I lay back on the bed, legs apart andpushed the knickers vibrating into my now very wetpussy, holding my pussy lips open for him to see, thenlay there writhing in ecstasy. I just keep findingmore and more use’s for these great little knickers.

Love Victoria X

I told Victoria about the FTV Girls site, I thought she would like it and she obviously does.

Check out my other posts about the FTV Girls site: Sexy Girls and Fist Fucking Girls.

Great product, my girlfriend loves this vibe.

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