Double Bunny Vibrator Review

Victoria is at it again!

Victoria & Jamie have been back in touch, so to speak. They've 'rode tested' a Double Bunny which is a rabbit vibrator with a difference. Victoria is a very sexy 'no holes barred' girl with a great imagination and a rampant sex drive. Sort of every man's dream I suppose...

Here's her review:

Double Bunny vibrator sex toy showing both clitoral and anal stimulatorsThis is the ultimate toy, to be used alone or with afriend, male or female. Its the perfect cock size andwhen you are ramming it in and out of your wet pussythe clit and anus stimulators hit just the rightplaces. This toy is a guaranteed orgasm everytime.

Jamie and I first tried ours one lazy sunday morning,I woke Jamie with a hand and blow job so in return Ireceived a fantastic helping of pussy playing. I justlaid back and enjoyed, while he gave me the fucking ofmy life with the Double Bunny, the pressure on my clitwas so intense that I was soon enjoying the mostgorgeous orgasm. The pressure on the anus just leavesyou begging for something hard up your arse and ofcourse as usual Jamie is always happy to oblige.

I am also looking forward to when he is away on hisnext business trip, can’t wait to keep myselfsatisfied with my Bunny and talking to him on thephone giving him every juicy detail, hearing me cumand hearing him wanking himself off. Heaven.

Love Victoria & Jamie X

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