Andro Penis Enlargement device in box showing componentsI feel that after writing the Woman's Worst Nightmare post that I have to redress the balance somewhat. Bring relief to the wounded, so to speak. and it is with that in mind that I present to you the Andro Penis Extender.

I have found the best price on the web for you but please do NOT take my word for this. Make your own checks. You should also visit other sites to find out more about the product.

Briefly though, the device stretches your penis over a long period of time. Six months or more, I believe. And you must clock up between four and nine hours a day for maximum effect.

I think Mr Smallpiece in the above mentioned post is beyond help but anyone with a 4" - 5" penis could reasonably expect to get to average size. If you're lucky enough to be packing 6" - 7" then the holy grail of 8" is achievable.

So, if you can bear the thought of putting your little old man on the rack, this is the device for you.

A big thick todger is only a few months away.

If you do buy one, let me know and maybe we can follow your progress on this blog. I might even be able to get you some freebies for the Bionic Tonic plug...

Penetration 12 - Porn DVDThe Quality Adult Sex DVDs Winter Sale has started.

Up to 40% OFF, that's right, Huge discount on many studios and as always: Each 3rd DVD FREE

This is a great offer, maybe I should have waited a bit longer for this offer but I did not know it was going to happen. I last bought from these guys just before Christmas.

I bought three DVDs (only paid for two) and they were delivered a couple of days later packed in a strong cardboard box. Very discreet, the lady postman had to knock on my door as the parcel was too big to go through the letterbox. If only she knew the filth that she'd been carrying!

Anyway, you can read about I Can't Believe I Took The Whole Thing it's the only one I've had time to watch so far. That Shane Diesel has a MASSIVE BLACK COCK!

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Imagine an incredibly handsome guy.

A romantic candlelit supper in your favourite restaurant.

He's cool, intelligent, rich, he kisses woderfully, dances like a god, all your friends are crazy about him, your parents adore him.

In a phrase: The man of your dreams.

He asks you to marry him but there is ONE BUT.

No sex before marriage.

You - of course - agree to it all.

You get the most beautiful wedding dress, the cake is equally fantastic, the wedding party is an 'Event of the century'.

And then...

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