Huge Black Dildo Review

Young wife takes a huge dildo bollock deep to please hubby

My friends at Bionic Tonic alerted me to this review that just appeared on their site. It's about the Bam dildo and is quite a read. It's amazing what goes on in bedrooms around the world...

I didn't know hubby had bought this.One night I was feeling horny so I showered and put on a sexy nightie to arouse him.He read my mind but wanted the web cam turned on.I said "no way" and he said "come on, you know it'll be fun and besides I know you.Well, hesitantly I agreed.I was getting super horny knowing anybody could see me and when I was ready for some action he excused himself and came back with this dildo in his hand.I was shocked to say the least.The next thing I knew he handed it to me and told me to insert it and start doing myself.He wanted me to masturbate it and by then I decided if he wanted me to, why not!I lost count of the number of times I came.I went from feeling ashamed to feeling fullfilled!He was surprised when he saw I could take the entire length.Then I was told to keep going until he decided I had enough. I never knew I could put on such a display.

~ Maria

Just so that you know, the Bam is 13" long and so thick (over 3") that you cannot get your fingers around it! To take the full length beggars belief, never mind the girth. It's a pussy stretcher.

She never left her email address and is not an account holder so she did not write this review for financial gain (Bionic Tonic reward review writers with a £5.00 discount). She must have wrote this heartfelt review for the sheer sexiness of it. How do we solve a problem like Maria?

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