Here's a great idea, let your customers download their porn movies and burn them onto blank DVDs in the privacy of there own homes. Save on fulfilment and postage costs and your customers get there movie in minutes rather than days and CHEAPER BY FAR!

This is NOT fantasy it is literally fucking reality. Quality Adult Sex DVDs have done just that!

2 Can Play That Game - Porn DVDHere's an example:

2 Can Play That Game DVD is priced at £19.95.

2 Can Play That Game Download is priced at £7.99.

That's a saving of £11.96! And there are plenty more downloads available!

Why not buy two downloads and have twice the fun and still have saved money?


More Porn Studios

More Choice, Cheaper Prices

Quality Adult Sex DVDs have added three more porn studios to their shop.

Also, just in case you have not heard or worse, forgotten. The 40% OFF Sale is still on!

Rude Britannia (Typical UK Content)

Relish (Typical UK Content)

Muschi Video (An Extreme German Hardcore Label)

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