men! who needs them?
i do not!
they eat your food
and smoke your pot.
they leave the seat up all the time
take all your money, every dime!
they take up all the room in bed
and snore all night, right by your head
and when its time for them to fuck
its "oooh baby, thats right, suck!"
then off they go, somewhere to cheat
while all you got is wet bed sheet.
men! who needs them?
all little boys
i bought myself some plastic toys!

I found this poem on Go check the site out.

And, if you need some plastic toys like the author of this poem then, can I suggest you check out Bionic Tonic.

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If it's long and thick and buried to the hilt then it's IN decent.
~ Anonymous Woman

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Erotic Double Penetration

C-A-I-N And A-B-E-L By Bridget Midway

C-A-I-N And A-B-E-L By Bridget Midway - Book CoverI recently read this ebook and I can tell you it's very good. Here's an excerpt:

Then he pulled his finger out of her. Again, he gripped her cheek with one hand. Only sliding in the fat tip into her puckered hole, Sonjie's body compressed and for a moment she stopped her gyrations on Cain's cock again, finding it difficult to concentrate on the two men at the same time.

Abel's moans echoed off of her walls while he maintained just the head of his penis inside of her. Control. Such great control. The feeling of Cain inside of her pussy and Abel in her ass surged a new sensation throughout her body. Such incredible pleasure gripped her body and made her ache for more. While keeping the connection with Cain inside of her, Sonjie pushed back to ease more of Abel into her hot, tight channel. He picked up her request loud and clear. Inching a little more inside of her, but always in a slow and careful way, Abel had half of his cock in her ass.

It's a great book and I have to say the erotic description double penetration at the end is fantastic.

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Pierced And Ringed Cock And Balls

Any, any, any old iron!

Image of a heavily pierced penis and ringed ballsNicely presented cock and balls, bollocks or testicles.

It would sure be dangerous getting a wank off a girl wearing a charm bracelet...

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