Tribe With Huge Testicles

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Tribe With Huge TesticlesMeet the huge testicle tribe!

As you will see from the picture on the left, these guys have the biggest bollocks in the world. By a long way.

Their secret has recently been revealed.

Males in the tribe are absolutely normal until puberty when they adopt a (rather disgusting) habit that the men of the tribe have practiced for centuries.

The habit is, searching out menstruating cows and then licking the bloody discharge off the cows vagina. Yuk!

Someone must have done this first without knowing the 'desirable side affect' and it beggars belief that others copied him.

It is believed to be hormones in this bloody discharge that causes the testicles to swell to such an enormous size.

The ability to reproduce does not seem to be affected although the act of reproduction most certainly must be.

Girls, would you fancy balls like those swinging against your arse!

So, if you want huge nuts, then just go down to your local cow field and start plating any menstruating cows that you see.

Sure beats potions, lotions and hanging weights on them...

your talking bollocks man!
I don't believe it - it's just a load of bollocks!
nope, tried it, didn`t work...

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