Huge BAM Dildo Review By Maria

She certainly loves a LARGE penis!

My friends at Bionic Tonic alerted me to another review that just appeared on their site. It's by Maria and once again about the Bam dildo, it's quite a read...

Bam DildoMy first impression of the Bam was this is so big!

Now after several weeks of having Bam in our collection all hubby has to do is start setting up our laptop in the bedroom and I know what to do. After my shower I put on something sexy and lay on the bed. He kisses and nibbles me in all the right places then gets the lube on Bam and tells me here it comes or hands it to me and tells me to just get wild. He has me bang myself first until I have my first orgasm then as I perform oral on him he takes control of Bam and makes me cum again. We have done this each time he wants to and I really love being like a slut for him. One day if he may want me to try a real black cock but for now Bam will do nicely!

~ Maria

Not surprisingly she recommends the Bam dildo and gives it 10 out of 10.

She never left her email address and is not an account holder so she did not write this review for financial gain (Bionic Tonic reward review writers with a £5.00 discount). She must have wrote this heartfelt review for the sheer sexiness of it. We love Maria!

Just so that you know, the Bam dildo is a massive 13" long and over 3" thick (you cannot get your fingers around it).

In other reviews of huge dildos that I have read, the women all say how much they love that 'full-up feeling' and go on to say that after they have experienced several orgasms their vagina's contract to become very small inside. It is then that their partners fuck them with their 'normal sized' penis.

It's a serious pussy stretcher.

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I just bought a Bam dildo after a few months of doing myself with these three progressively larger dildos the largest of which is only a third the size of Bam, I am usually watching videos of people taking Bam and me just dreaming. Well dreams do come true because I just got done with my second go at it, this time in the bathroom with Bam suction cupped against the door and me riding it as hard as I could doggy style, taking all but three inches was in me and I couldn't help but to cry out as I rode it non stop till my legs almost gave out.
I LOVE this BAM dildo! 100/100 I recommend this to ANYONE who wants ULTIMATE satisfaction! I use it anally and take it to the balls, and WOW is it amazing! It does have a smell (stinks up the half the house!) But i personally smell it as " Mmm Mmmmmmm Time for some of that!" This is an amazing creation!

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