Cock Sucking Delight

You know it when they do it right!

Pull the skin back off the top,
your heavy, meaty lolli-pop.

Caress my nuts between my thighs
and use your tongue to gauge my size.

Lick my cock from balls to glans,
weigh my nuts with both your hands.

Accept my cock between your lips,
take it down as I thrust my hips.

Feel it throb with a life of its own,
I hold your head as I ram it home.

The swollen head, the bulging veins,
the power that your mouth contains.

Deep throat it as far as you can,
your lips stretched across its span.

You raise your face and our eyes meet,
you know you're giving me a treat!

I am in heaven but I want more,
you are my lover, my slut, my whore!

You feel my thrusting start to quicken,
my nuts raise and my shaft thicken.

My cock is swollen, shiney and wet,
it's a blow job I won't forget!

My heart races, my breathing is shallow,
what will you do, spit or swallow?

A few more thrusts and then I'm done,
your mouth, your face, all covered in cum.

The look on your face is pure delight,
you know that you have made my night!

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