Penis Enlargement Review

My Pals over at Bionic Tonic sent me this review of a penis enlarger that was left on their site. They never published it but thought it was funny, so they gave it to me.

Being born with both a very small length and girth, I have tried several ways to improve my size. I have been told the old saying 'its not the size of the wave, but the motion of the ocean', unfortunately tho, this is never the case. Saying that tho, I have no motion either, so my self-confidence was at an all time low before i bought this product. During my last sexual encounter, as I am very self-consious about the size of my member, i put it into the hand of my partner in the dark. Unfortunately she replied 'sorry, i dont smoke' which is a terrible put down. I shall not talk about any growth I have acieved, as that would be vulgar, but lets just say im now happy with almost 2 inches. And let me tell you guys, the women love it now!! I highly recommend this product!
~ Mr Craig Ball

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