Penis Pumps Do Work!

Many people believe that penis pumping does not work but the evidense out there contradicts this. Check out the picture below. That guy does not need to enlarge his cock, I hear you say!

OK, it may not be permanent but judging by the size some guys pump to, that may be a blessing!

Guy with very long penis using a penis pump.The airtight cylinder is placed over your penis. The vacuum pump causes blood to rush into a portion of your penis which is made of erectile tissue (Corpus Spongiosum/Corpora Cavernosa), not muscle. Pumping causes an increase in the thickness of the shaft skin and an expansion of the spaces in the corpus spongiosum. Because the corpora cavernosa is a live tissue that is similar in manner to a sponge and the human body grows and adapts to stress placed upon it, causing the spongy tissue of the corpora cavernosa to stretch out will cause it to heal in an enlarged state that can hold more blood. The suspensory ligament may also be stretched by pumping,pulling more of your dick out from the body causing you to hang much longer and thicker. The length and frequency of your pumping sessions and your individual physiology are factors that will determine your results.

Through daily pumping, it is possible to maintain the increases otherwise your penis shrinks back to its normal size within 24 - 48 hours as most increases are only temporary.

Your penis will stay larger for at least several hours after pumping and is great to do before shagging that bird you've always fancied or visiting a sex party or a sex club...

You can get Penis Pumps at my friends Bionic Tonic Online Sex Shop so if you fancy giving it a go, check them out. They have just about the best prices going as well.

There's a bigger choice of Penis Pumps here but the prices are a bit higher. They are well worth taking a look at too!

Wow! I wouldn't mind one like that, even if it did shrink after a day or two!!!!!
he don't need a penis enlarger!
these things do work ... I have increased my permanent erection to over 7.5 inches from just over 6 before. i love my pump and do it 4 to 5 times a week ... and the girls love it too thicker harder less sensitive so i last longer .... definite good investment

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