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Girl holding a huge Bam DildoThe Bam is 13" long and so thick (over 3") that you cannot get your fingers around it. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, many women love having their vagina's full to busting with thick cock. This is where the Bam comes into play. It's heavy and bendable (see the movie clip) and a real challenge.You can buy the pussy stretching Bam Dildo at Bionic Tonic and you can read the Bam Dildo Reviews there too. Well worth a read...

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Q: What do Tupperware and a walrus have in common?

A. They both like a tight seal.

Guys, if your girl is a bit too big down below, then maybe you should consider some pussy tightener...

Or if you are the problem and you could do with a bit more meat on your privates, then consider the Andro Penis Extender. It's consideredthe best penis enlargement traction devices on the market. Bionic Tonic are selling it for £129.99 as a Christmas Special Offer. Now that is VERY CHEAP for that product.

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I almost forgot to mention that Bionic Tonic are giving away a FREE COCK RING away with EVERY ORDER.

For those of you that have never used a cock ring check out this page on Cock Rings Information.

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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator - Special Christmas Offer

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Bionic Tonic Sex Toys are selling the excellent Rabbit Pearl vibrator for a cheapest on the web price of £10.99.

Some sites are selling this vibrator for £19.95 so it's a big saving!

The Rabbit Pearl is one of the most popular rabbit vibrators and it's price has been reduced by £6.00 as a Christmas offer. This is a best selling product not some rubbish that they are giving away cheap.

It makes a great present and you may well get to use it on your girlfriend/wife which is nice. I use it on mine and it's great to watch the look of pleasure on her face and then see her curl her toes as she cums... It's all down to the clit stimulator, push the shaft in deep until the rabbit ears brush the clitoris, then withdraw and the push it in again and again and again, they love it.

Here's some reviews about this excellent vibrator:

i rushed home and locked myself in tho loo with that baby. I was in pure ectacey from the strong vibrations from the bunny and the rotating shalft. you havn't lived till you've tried the rabbit!
~Sarah-Sun 26 Jun 2005 15:19:11-Score: 10

This is fantastic the clit stim part of it is amazing the shaft i dont always use and when i do that is equaly fantastic. My boyfriend doesnt feel threatened by it cos i get him to use it on me thats great fun sit back relax.
~H-Wed 27 Apr 2005 20:00:32- Score: 10

I love this toy it is the only .. only thing that makes me orgasm and feel like im leaving my body ! it is awesome... the rabbit head stimulation is so perfectly designed to hit exactly the right places.
~ Denise-Wed 02 Feb 2005 14:31:00- Score: 10

Ape sucking another ape's penis.Just who are they imitating?

We like it, so it should come as no surprise that they like it!

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Erotic stories about sex involving bondage, domination, submission and sado masochism...

The Osiris Society VolIf you like reading exotic bdsm stories, then you might like to take a look at these bdsm ebooks. These adult ebooks are cheap and are instantly downloadable.

This ebook, The Osiris Society Vol 1 is volume one of three, it's about a secret society that kidnaps young beautiful women and then lets their members live out their sexual fantasies with them. Their fantasies, by the way, involve erect penises, slippery vaginas and bondage restraints. Plenty here to get your juices flowing!

Here's an excerpt:

"Charming, my dear! Now let’s see if there are any problems with your little treasure box."

Monique had undergone such examinations before in doctors’ examining rooms, but these were not the words or actions of any doctor she had ever known. She knew better than to object, however. The doctor and Leo, each taking a stirrup, spread her legs until she grimaced in pain, adjusting the extensions and locking them into position. Using white adhesive tape, they attached each of her legs from just below the knee to hooks at the sides of the table so that her thighs were held wide apart and immovable. She was again completely helpless and extremely uncomfortable, her sex as exposed as it could possibly be.

As her anxiety mounted, Leo produced a mask-shaped blindfold from a drawer under the table and placed it firmly over her eyes, lifting her head to connect Velcro fasteners. In her mind she was suddenly back in the box, suffocating with claustrophobia. She fought off the panic, but in her new blindness all her other senses were sharpened. She heard a chair scrape the floor near the foot of the table and felt fabric brush against her sensitive inner thighs. She felt the doctor proceed through a normal vaginal exam and Pap smear.

Just as she began to relax with the familiarity of the procedure, she felt lubricated fingers take hold of her clitoris and start to knead and stroke it. She stiffened and forced herself not to make any protest as she was in no position to invite another whipping. The fingers continued to tease her and, in spite of herself, Monique’s body began to respond with a vague stirring in her loins. A tingling started in her pelvis and spread upwards to her scalp and down her legs. Her breathing grew shallower. She was squirming against her restraints and felt wetness forming. The longer the torment to her clitoris continued, the longer she wanted it to go on. Her thoughts seethed with anger, fear and small thrills of pleasure. Abruptly the gentle massage stopped. She heard a drawer slide open, followed by a humming sound. Then a new sensation that swiftly swept from her clitoris to every part of her body. A vibrator! She had never used one but there was no mistaking that the intensity of this new sensation was associated with the humming. The effect was overwhelming, beyond anything she had ever experienced. It overrode all her feelings of indignity and embarrassment, all her anger at her captors for her capture and suffering. Her crumbling attempts to resist were inundated by waves of pleasurable tremors in her belly as the vibrator slid in and out of her vagina, always in contact with her engorged clitoris, electrifying every nerve, every synapse. She moaned aloud and was rapidly approaching an orgasm when the vibrator was replaced by a more familiar feeling, a warm shaft filling her most feminine place, thrusting deeply into her over and over until she crested, crying aloud in a tremendous climax...

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