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These slappers love their to get their pussy stretched to the limit!

The foul mouthed slapper in the picture below fucks herself with the Huge Bam Dildo. She can take the thickness (which is amazing) but can only take about half of it's 13 inch length (which is comforting). Go and take a look at the Free Movie Sample over at and look for Hailey's Brutal Experience. See her pussy stretched to the limit, her pussy lips clinging to the fat shaft not wanting to let it go. Her greedy distended vulva gapes open!

Girl holding a huge Bam DildoThe Bam is 13" long and so thick (over 3") that you cannot get your fingers around it. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, many women love having their vagina's full to busting with thick cock. This is where the Bam comes into play. It's heavy and bendable (see the movie clip) and a real challenge.You can buy the pussy stretching Bam Dildo at Bionic Tonic and you can read the Bam Dildo Reviews there too. Well worth a read...

Would you like to watch some a seriously large black penis actually fucking? I've managed to find a DVD featuring Bam...

The Bam, Big Black and Beautifull porn DVD has Bam in various sexual encounters with guys and girls that love his huge black penis.

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