15 Tips For Fucking Hookers In Amsterdam

Every year many guys from England go off to Holland for a weekend break. A stag do or something like it... I am going to assume that you are going to Amsterdam in a group. I have been on my own several times and still fucked hookers but it's generally more fun when there is a bunch of you. It's all about sharing your experiences.

1. When you arrive in Amsterdam, get to your hotel, unpack and then head off to the Red Light Area. Establish a 'Command Centre' in the Red Light Area in a cool bar such as the 'Old Sailor' or the 'De Burgh' or 'Hill Street Blues' or 'Stones Cafe'. That way, you can listen to cool music and take in the atmosphere while preparing yourself for action. Your first hooker is the hardest, many guys never pass this hurdle.

2. Have a few beers. It's called 'Dutch Courage' for a reason... Just remember that a couple of pints stops you blowing your load in ten seconds. Eight pints just stops you blowing your load. Full stop.

3. Go out from the 'Command Centre' singularly or in groups of two. Work individually, we all have different tastes and different agendas, don't be rushed or cajoled. The time to share the experience is after mission accomplished...

4. Take time to find the right girl - many guys make this mistake. For many this is a 'one-off' that will probably never happen again. Choose someone that is at least as good as you have ever pulled and hopefully much better. Spend at least one hour trawling the alley-ways looking... It's a lot of fun just looking!

5. When you approach the girl, be respectful. She's seen thousands of arse holes and hates them. Say hello, tell her she's pretty, ask what's the price and then most importantly, ask what you get for the price. I always ask how many positions you're allowed. If they say only one, move on... Most prostitutes are in it for money but some are in it to satisfy a lust for sex. It's the later that you are looking for. They are the 'Holy Grail'.

If they say 'Two' or 'Three' or even better 'however many you want' then you're onto something.

Normally, you'll be offered a 'Fuck and Suck', which is as good as it sounds.

6. I always ask for 'Doggy Style' position specifically. One, it's a favourite position of mine and since you'll be behind her, it implies a certain amount of trust. If she fucks 'doggy' then it's a big plus sign.

7. Ask specifically if she gets naked. Some think that you want to fuck a girl with her clothes on...

8. Wash. Even hookers find BO and smegma offensive.

9. When you get into the boudoir, compliment her and ask some general questions about her. Avoid references to boyfriends and family.

10. Contrary to popular belief it's NOT scary getting undressed in front of a pretty women that you are going to fuck. It's even easier if your are sporting a seriously hard cock!

11. Never fuck Bare Back. If she does that for you, then she probably does that for every punter. Please note that I have never heard of someone (that I know) catching a dose off a hooker but you cannot be too careful. Funny enough, I have heard of guys that I know catching a dose off ordinary 'girlfriends'...

12. Be prompt with your payment. Once that's over she'll relax and get on with giving you pleasure.

13. Strip off, lay back and think of a gland! She's in control and she will govern the speed of the proceedings. Do NOT try to 'Man Handle' her as she sucks your cock. If she wants to be touched, she'll tell you.

14. There's nothing better than making a hooker orgasm. If you've been lucky with your choice then it is possible this will happen. But don't worry if it does not. You've paid for your orgasm not hers!

15. If the girl has been pleasant and honest, part on good terms. Hookers are human beings too. Don't forget that. In fact, I'd go as far to say that most of the hookers I've met are very decent people indeed.

I would just like to add that there is something very naughty about fucking a girl that you only met minutes ago. If you connect mentally as well as physically then even better. Sex is a fantastic thing whether it's paid for or not. And believe me your cock does not care at all about the circumstances, financial or otherwise!

Great advice, I'll let you know how I get on next 'business trip'...
I can report that the Red Light Area is going down hill. The Dutch government seems to be embarassed by its existance. Go there and enjoy it before it's too late. Great advice by the way.
Here's a great story about a Hooker!

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