Start The New Year With A Larger Penis

Girls Like Big Fat Penises

If you are a woman, it is very easy to start the year with a larger penis. You just go out and find a new man. Of course you may have to go through a few men to actually find one with a big fat penis but that can be quite fun anyway!

However, if you are a man, getting a larger penis is a bit of a challenge. So here's some help:

Andro Penis Extender - Penis Enlargement DeviceThe Andro Penis Extender is considered amongst the best penis enlargement traction devices on the market. Some sites are selling this for $300.00+ or £180.00+.

Basically it is a penis stretching device. By wearing it over a period of time, your penis is held under tension. Eventually your penis will grow to relieve that tension and then you re-apply the tension to cause more growth. Gains of up to three inches have been reported.

And three inches is a lot. Imagine withdrawing you penis from a girls vagina by the usual full amount only to have a further three inches buried in wet slippery vagina! Gives me a hard-on just thinking about it!

And the best news...

Bionic Tonic are selling it for £129.99.

That's the best price I can find on the web.

Let me know if any one else is cheaper.

Check out their Penis Enlargement Information page for more details.

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