BAM Dildo - Someone's Gonna Get Fucked

Victoria and Jamie are back!

Bam DildoMy friends over at Bionic Tonic have got back in touch with Victoria. She's a real live sex pot! She originally got in touch with them a couple of years ago and said she would like to test their sex toys, so they sent her one and she wrote a review. Since then she has written several reviews and I have to say they are the best. She's absolutely sex mad and she loves LARGE COCK!

You can see how big the BAM Dildo is. It's absolutely massive. And Victoria is a very small lady! But she can take the lot!

Watch This Space!

Victoria is going to take this monster on her Valentines Day weekender... Personally I cannot wait to hear about it.

Here are some of Victoria's exploits that I have written about in the past:
1Double Bunny Vibrator Review
Victoria & Jamie have been back in touch, so to speak. They've 'rode tested' a Double Bunny which is a rabbit vibrator with a difference. Victoria is a very sexy 'no holes barred' girl with a great imagination and a rampant sex drive. Sort of every ma...
2Sexy Vibrating G-String
I had a nice surprise earlier today. I unexpectedly received the following from Victoria and I thought I would share it with you.After watching the very naughty girls on FTVGirls.comand seeing them having a lot of fun with pantystuffing and of...
3Tiny Girl Fucked By Huge Vibrator
My friends at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys were recently contacted by a couple that are sex mad. They wanted to try out sex toys and write reviews. They liked the sound of the offer and sent them a box of goodies. What follows is the first review, Victoria i...
4Vibrating G-String For Great Sex
Here's a product review from Victoria & Jamie. They really know how to fuck! Right enough, so they do!Jamie and I always go out on a Friday night, afterworking hard all week it's the least we deserve, asits summer I can wear a nice little dress ...
5Fisting Guide - How To Fist Fuck
When I read the review of the King Kong Vibrator, I was amazed to learn that Victoria likes being fist fucked. So, I asked her if she could write a Fisting Guide to explain, not only how to do it but also what pleasure you can get from it. What follow...
6G-spot Tickler Sex Toy Review
Here's another review from our favourite sex pot Victoria.Before I say anything else, any girl reading this review, trust me, buy one of these and all your dreams will come true. I now couldn’t live with out mine and have told all my friends to bu...

what's her bf got between is legs? a rollin pin!!!!!

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