Bam Dildo Review - Victoria Has Been Fucked!

We've all been waiting for this and the wait was worth it!

Bam DildoBack in January this year I posted Bam Dildo - Someone's Gonna Get Fucked it was about a girl who had contacted my friends over at Bionic Tonic a couple of years ago and said she would like to test their sex toys...

Anyway the girl's a sex maniac (in the nicest possible way) and she has tested several of their sex toys. It turns out that she likes really large cocks so for a St Valentine's Day treat they sent her the Huge Bam Dildo to test ride.

I've really been waiting for this and I know that there are many of you out there that have been waiting for this too!

Here it is in Victoria's own (sexy) words, it's worth the wait. It certainly gave me a stiffy reading it!

Hi, I’m Victoria and I am sorry that I haven’t written anything for you for a while, but I am a very busy business woman, but you know what they say, all work and no play makes Victoria such a sad girl, so Jamie and I decided it was time for some us time and a valentines break.

Hotel booked, Bam Dildo packed for some fun, we were all set.

The hotel was gorgeous, the meal lovely and more champagne than any young lady should drink, but knowing that Bam was waiting for me back in the room you can’t blame a girl for needing a little dutch courage.

I flirted all evening, bit of cleavage across the table, foot job under the table, getting Jamie hotter and hotter, I knew that when we got back to the room I was going to get the screwing of my life.

We rushed into the room and were all over each other, dressed in my sexy black dress, hot new underwear and heels, Jamie couldn’t resist and before I knew it I was shoved over the armchair, skirt hitched up, knickers pushed to the side and my juices running down the inside of my legs and over my naked pussy lips, like to keep it hair free, so much nicer for licking! Jamie had slipped a finger in and was working me into a frenzy, then two, by this time I was so hot I was desperate for a good stretching and fucking. I like the feeling of being stretched and full, sometimes a good fisting is all I need but other times only the Bam Dildo will do.

Feeling that massive 13 inches touch my pussy I wanted it bad, slowly Jamie started to push it inside me, I could feel my lips around the top of it, slowly spreading and working their way around the 8.5’ girth of this massive toy, pure bliss. No joke, this thing is heaven, because of what its made of its so comfortable, not hard and soon warms to your body making the pleasure more realistic. Once in I really wanted to feel it, still on all fours, spread to the max, wetter than I have ever been Jamie rammed that huge dildo in and out of me so fucking hard, I was screaming, god knows what the people in the other rooms thought, but hey, who cares, I was in Bam heaven. I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, the muscle intensity stretched over the dildo is truly mind blowing, we have a vast range of toys, but this one outshines the lot.

After I came, I ripped my dress, bra & knickers off, took Bam Dildo into the bathroom and attached it to the tiled bathroom floor with the clever suction device on the bottom, it was time for a little show for Jamie. I squatted over Bam & lowered myself over, lips round the top, stretching then pushing my pussy down back over this beast, you can really ride this thing like this and it doesn’t budge. I was fucking it hard, tits bouncing, can you imagine the view, Jamie was rock solid and in need of relief and decided his cock down the back of my throat was the way to go after a show like that. I sucked his hard cock good and hard and gulping that cum down my throat. Jamie said I looked amazing, still sat on the huge dildo, dressed just in heels, cum running down the side of my lips, what a Valentines!!!

God I am so wet just writing this review, reliving that moment, I think I will have to retire to the bedroom for a little Bam fun, bye until next time.

Victoria X

PS : Don’t just save Bam for the bedroom, its great in the bathroom as there are no batteries, you can stick it to the tiled bathroom wall and let it take you from behind, or place it in the bottom of the bath, fill with water & bubbles and have that private soak you know that you deserve after a hard day, don’t forget your candles & glass of champagne ;)

Wow! What a girl, Jamie is a truly lucky guy!

You can buy the Bam Dildo from Bionic Tonic and they probably have the best price around too. Don't take my word for it though!

where dya find girls like her?

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