Golden Root Sex Enhancer

Makes Your Penis Real Hard!

Image of a packet of Golden Root Complex sex enhancer

This stuff really does work!


I find two capsules best works best for me. But you only really need two if you are planing a Fuckfest. I would say that your cock will be about half an inch longer than when erect without GR helping and it throbs like a teenager's!

My girlfriend really gets off on the throbbing!

You can buy Golden Root from my friends at the Bionic Tonic Sex Shop. They have the CHEAPEST PRICE that I can find on the web. Don't take my word for it, do a search and buy it wherever...

I knew the wife wanted sex but did not feel much like it myself (shame on me!) so I took one capsule and went back to sleep. About half an hour later I woke up absolutely rigid. So much so that it was actually throbbing! When the wife brought breakfast up (it got cold before it was eaten) we made love. Oh, how we made love. She said she could feel my penis throbbing inside her and orgasmed many times. She wants me to get more and I definitely will. Fantastic product at a fantastic price.
~ Jack Smith

My first impression of the Golden Root Complex was worth a try for the price...

I bought golden root as a present for my partner who gets so excited at our sex games he always climaxs really quick, after taking the tablet we sure did party as his cock stayed hard most of the night . We have bought another well known tablet and this was by far the better of the two. if you want your love making to last longer and have more fun please buy the golden root.

~ Wendy

Those pills work!! Pop the pill an 45mins later your cock as hard as ever and used with the vibrating cock ring it heaven for both!!The thing is my wife know when I take one because my cock is so hard and seems to get wider!! And in the morning its just as hard. For me it lasts about 12 hours.Just thinking about sex and bang its ready for action. Great fun for all!!
Just one pill an 45mins later wow stiff as a board

~ Lloyd

I took one Golden Root capsule an hour before, got a diamond cutter (first time in years), ran up stairs to wife waiting in bedroom, tripped on carpet and pole vaulted out the window! Seriously though, it does work. Well pleased.
~J Tarbuck

The great thing her is that both partners get enjoyment from it and at a mere £1.99 you really cannot ask for more.

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