The Bam Dildo - Jamie's Story

Bam Dildo up girls anusI just found this short clip of some girl with a Bam (The page has now been removed - not surprisingly!) Complete with squelching sounds as she fucks herself!

Here's the story of Victoria and the Bam Dildo as told by her boyfriend Jamie. He sure is a lucky guy! This is the flip-side of Bam Dildo Review - Victoria Has Been Fucked! which was by Victoria. Both are well worth a read.

Hi, My name is Jamie and I am the very lucky bastard who is lucky enough to be married to the gorgeous Victoria, its a hard job but someone has to do it. I thought I would write and tell you about the most amazing valentines night we had with the help of a rather large black dildo from bionictonic.

We had booked in to a rather nice hotel, we have been working our arses off a felt we needed to break, some well earned us time.

After the meal and far to many glasses of champagne we made our way back to the room, I knew under that rather sexy black dress she had on stockings and the most sexy new underwear, just waiting to be ripped off, she had been teasing me all night.

As soon as we were back in the room I had to have her and pushed her over on all fours over the large armchair, pushing her skirt up over her backside and pushing her knickers to one side I felt straight away the warmth and wetness coming from her pussy. I pushed a finger in, then a couple more, she was so wet I knew she would be begging for a good stretching. I got our new Bam dildo out, leaving her fingering herself hard and getting really desperate for a hard seeing to. As soon as I pressed the hard dildo to her lips she was squirming, wanting it deep inside her, slowly I stretched her open and it was in her deep, not satisfied with this she begged to be fucked hard and who am I to let the poor girl down. I rammed that large Bam dildo right up her as hard as she could take it, before long she was screaming and begging for it harder, then she came long and hard, god knows what the people in the next room thought!!

Afterwards still wanting more and with the rather clever suction on the bottom of the dildo she attached it to the bathroom floor tiles, now dressed just in her stockings and heels she gave herself another seeing to for my viewing pleasure, seeing her lowering her self onto it, seeing her lips part and it going in and out of her, I was so hard and gagging for some of the action, so while she was still sat on it I shoved my cock in her mouth and got her to suck me off, what a valentines treat, the most beautiful horny woman, sexily dressed on a huge dildo with my cock juice dribbling down her lips.

Any way, you can buy the Bam Dildo here.

check da juice squirtin out dat gals ass! filfy fucking ho!
If you look at the other video in the profile, you can see "her" balls.
Yikes! It's a geezer!
chek da hair on is ass!!!
first off..not a gals ass..dipshit..its a males ass!! and its mine!!

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