For When You're Rampant! - Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

The Best Xmas Offer

Bionic Tonic Sex Toys are selling the excellent Rabbit Pearl vibrator for a cheapest on the web price of £13.99.

But you can see a lot more Rabbit Pearl Vibrators here.

Some sites are selling these sort of vibrators for over £20.00 so it's a very good deal!

The Rabbit Pearl is one of the most popular rabbit vibrators and it's said it make a perfect pussy... err, I mean stocking filler. This is a best selling product not some rubbish that they are giving away cheap.

It makes a great present and you may well get to use it on your girlfriend/wife which is nice. I use it on mine and it's great to watch the look of pleasure on her face and then see her curl her toes as she cums... They love it.

Here's some reviews about this excellent vibrator:

i rushed home and locked myself in tho loo with that baby. I was in pure ectacey from the strong vibrations from the bunny and the rotating shalft. you havn't lived till you've tried the rabbit!
~Sarah-Sun 26 Jun 2005 15:19:11-Score: 10

I love this toy it is the only .. only thing that makes me orgasm and feel like im leaving my body ! it is awesome... the rabbit head stimulation is so perfectly designed to hit exactly the right places.
~Denise Score: 10

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