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A Fetish Book of Distinction, Very HOT Read!

Freedom Is Slavery by Louis FriendThis ebook Freedom Is Slavery by Louis Friend is a brilliant new book on sale at Adult eBook Shop.

An illustrated compilation of short stories described by the author Louis Friend as "I suppose it's really more of a fantasy/biography. There are true stories mixed with fantasies mixed with complete fiction (such as the robot story in there)."

1st Review:
"This is one of the edgiest books of erotica (okay, pornography) I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It delves into a cornucopia of fetishes; from crossdressing to anal play to roleplaying. There's also a few strict BDSM stories that are sure to amuse. Sometimes a turn on, sometimes disgusting, this book really pushes the envelope. Kudos!"

2nd Review:
For those of you who are into the BDSM world this book takes you on a journey inside one submissive's mind with a multitude of short stories designed to stimulate and titalate your psyche. This book is fabulous for bedtime reading or to give you new fantasies to explore in your own fetish world. I recommend it for both the submissive and the dominant as both would benefit by peeking into Louis's imagination giving your mind vignettes to appease the both the voyeur and exhibitionist in you. A definite for any fetish library.

3rd Review:
Freedom is Slavery is an absolutely wonderful book. I just got my copy and it is not only very well written but portrays how the Dominate/submissive lifestyle really is. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to explore their secret desires. The author takes you on many erotic trips that will no doubt trigger the desire in your own mind, and make you want to experience his experiences first hand.

Here's a (fairly tame) excerpt:

She looked up at me, into my eyes, and I could see that she was still nervous.

I put my hand on her cheek and said, "If you want to not do this, I'll understand. This isn't a‘make or break' for me. I like doing anything and everything with you."

She stood up, putting her arms over my shoulders, and kissed me deeply. "This is something Ihave to do. I want to see if I can still do it and I trust that you'll go slow and will stop if I can't handleit."

"You have my word," I said before she turned around and got on all fours at the edge of thebed. One of my greatest fears is going into the "wrong hole" when I'm entering a woman so it wasinteresting to take aim and try to get into this orifice on purpose after so many years. I slid my fingerin, first, judging just how much pressure I had to use to open her anus. She moaned and lowered herfront half so that her weight went to her shoulders.

I pushed deeper with my finger, sliding in slowly before pulling out. I wasn't sure how long she wasgoing to allow me access to her ass before she started to feel too self-conscious so I replaced my fingerwith my cock, aimed at her anus. Using the same amount of pressure, I pushed into her, opening herwider over the head of my cock. She moaned again, breathier this time. I waited, allowing her to getused to the sensation. Wordlessly, she nodded and I continued; moving deeper inside of her.

It was so unusual, being inside of her bottom. I thought back to the last time that I had done sucha thing and that was a mistake. The last time I had anal sex, I had started to worry that I was takingtoo long to cum, and that going too long would hurt my partner. This planted the seed in my headthat the same thing was going to happen again. However, looking down at her, I realized that shewould have the courtesy to tell me if she needed or wanted me to stop and that I could fuck her foras long as I needed without having to worry. This put new steam in my stroke as I began doing morethan just slowly moving in and out of her and, rather, began to fuck her.

"Oh, yes," she said into the comforter. Seeing the look of pleasure on her face and feeling her asstightening around my cock. I put my hands around her waist and began pulling her against me as Ipushed into her. I could feel the vibration as she fingered her pussy beneath me, her hand betweenher legs as I fucked her harder. Unbelievably, she started to cum again and as she reached her orgasmthe pressure on my cock triggered my own orgasm. I threw myself into her, over and over again as Iexploded inside of her ass.

This is a great ebook and Adult eBook Shop have it on sale at £3.99. That's MUCH cheaper than Amazon or Lulu...

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