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All is fair in love and war.

War Victims by Powerone ebook coverThis is the latest extreme bdsm ebook from the best selling author Powerone, available from Adult eBook Shop...

The victims of war are frequently women; the atrocities include rape and torture. The sexual violence is perpetrated not only against enemy troops but also against civilians. "To the victors go the spoils of war," and women were included as the spoils of war.

War Victims chronicles three separate stories of violence against women during war. Only Powerone could tell these tales of bondage, rape, humiliation and torture in such vivid detail that they demand. The cover art is by Tulia.

Nurses in Distress tells of five nurses on the island of Sicily during World War II. The German soldiers desperate in their losing battle, capture five nurses from an Army hospital, taking them up into the hills. There they are raped and abused, forced to commit the most perverse acts, tortured to satisfy the jaded lust of their captors.

Forced Pleasure Slaves is set in the mythical Second Civil War of 2010 forced on by the economic crisis of 2007. A volunteer army roams the land, raping and pillaging the towns wasted by the war. In a quiet valley in Nashville, Michael's Marauders take the large mansion for their headquarters; the mother and her nineteen-year-old daughter forced to sexually service the officers in order to spare the two fifteen-year-old twins from a similar fate. The Officers do everything to degrade them, forcing them into sexual competition to please their captors. Yet nothing can satisfy the men; each act more degrading than the last, until finally only the women's cries of pain can bring their captors pleasure.

Tortured Tourist find five young, American women in Kuwait unable to escape when the Iraqi army invades the country. The Iraqis take out their hatred of the Americans, showing no mercy, raping, whipping, public floggings and electrical torture, all meant to inflict the most horrific pain and humiliation on the helpless women. The women are forced to pay the price of decades of hatred.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

Michael waited patiently, Erin’s body wracked with pain, but she kept his cock from her asshole, the thick head just barely nudging the tight, little, knotted muscle.  He was patient.

"AAAAHHH," the belt moving lower again, this time Max slicing it along the tender skin of her inner thigh, the thick thud landing so close to the vee of her legs, so close to her pussy that she could feel the air rushing by from the belt.  It felt as if she was hit with a bolt of lightning, shooting pain in the spot that it struck, the skin heated from the lash.  She couldn’t stop her body from moving back, her tight anal ring refusing to expand, shoved painfully inside her by the thickness of his cock.  She pulled away, but the belt swung again, this time catching the opposite inner thigh with its painful lash, Erin’s body wracked by the intense pain.  She couldn’t stop the contractions of her buttocks; her hips shoved back, her sphincter slowly forced open by the greased cockhead.  It pulled out, the pressure relaxing for a second, Erin pushing out as if she were having a bowel movement, feeling the rubbery head stretching her anal ring.  The belt lashed her again, this time hitting the tender skin where her legs met her torso, lashing so close to her pussy.  She shoved back, trying to relax her sphincter, feeling like he was trying to shove a baseball bat up her backside.

The contractions of her asshole were so enjoyable, her buttocks crushing the head of his cock, the gentle contractions feeling like hundreds of fingers caressing his cock.  She was shoving back now, feeling her asshole straining to open, Michael waiting patiently for her to accommodate his cock.

She felt the head of his cock begin to slip into her asshole, her anal ring slowly stretching wider.  She moved her hips, actually trying to help him stick his cock up her ass.  "AAAGGHH," Max whipping her up high again, across her mound to attack the top of her bush.  Erin felt the gradual insertion of his cock reaching deeper, her sphincter forced aside by the brute strength of his cock, the head of his cock reaching higher into her rectum.  The belt lashed her again, Erin forced back onto the cock, another millimeter of cockhead forced into her asshole.  She felt a strange rush in her asshole, a sudden easing of pressure, the slippery head of his cock popping through the tight ring, filling her rectum with the massive head, her anal ring stretched tightly around the mushroom head.  It felt like a lump inside her, stretching her from within.  Her body shook in humiliation, her asshole gripping the head of his cock almost lovingly.  "Don’t do this to me," she begged, but the belt lashed across her mound, this time biting into one of her soft, puffy lips, yanking it back, exposing her inner lips.  She screamed in pain, but her pussy began to grow soaked in her juices.

Michael couldn’t believe how tight she was, feeling like the head of his cock was crushed in a vise, her sphincter clenching and unclenching with such delightful regularity.  He was in, pushing with his hips, wanting to feel more of her hot tightness.

Her ass ring went into spasms, clamping down on the head of Michael’s cock as she felt the thick head slowly push into her asshole, stretching and tearing her passage. She pushed back, helping him ass fuck her, the only thing she could do, wanting more of the fullness that only his cock would bring.  It felt like a giant snake moving inside her. Her body was covered in sweat, burning the welts that had marred her white flesh.  The whipping had stopped, but she barely noticed.  All her attention was drawn to the cock that was slowly sliding inside her, threatening to split her open.

It felt like hot wax inside her, growing thicker and hotter as it moved.  She gulped loudly as if she were swallowing it.  She could taste blood as she bit her lip, the nerves in her rectum more sensitive than her pussy, the muscles distending as the thick cock impaled her.  She held her breath when he stopped.  Was it all the way inside me?  She couldn’t feel his pubic hairs pushing against her butt cheeks.

He had stopped, Erin’s body frozen.  Then she felt it.  Michael was pulling his prick from her asshole, a new sensation as if he were dragging her insides out with it.  The nerve endings in her asshole came alive; feeling like ten inches of cock was pulling from her ass. Her anal ring stretched as the thick helmet of his cock tried to pull free.  "NNNNNOOO!"  He pushed back in, her ass arched back, pushing on her sphincter muscles to accommodate his cock, feeling the fullness in her guts as he filled her intestine with the hard flesh of his cock.  He kept going, deeper than last time, her breathing ragged as she felt the sharp pains in her stomach.  Her stomach felt like she ate a big meal, the thick cock burrowing deeper into her bowels until she thought it would come out her mouth. Her lips were dry, her face covered in sweat as she tried to comprehend the powerful suction in her asshole.  She felt weird sensations in her ass lining, the muscles rippling uncontrollably up and down his shaft.

"No more!"  She didn’t think she could stand it again, his cock pulling back out, her guts trying to follow it out.  She never felt so humiliated, ass fucked and she found herself clenching onto his raping cock.  The suction in her asshole was driving her crazy, pulling on her guts until she felt her anal ring stretched to the breaking point.

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