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Powerone's Brilliant New eBook!

County Jail by Powerone ebook coverHere's the latest erotic ebook from best selling author Powerone. It's called County Jail and is a very strong story. Full of fucking.

This is the synopsis:

Three college girls are each caught in the small Southern town for a minor traffic infraction, unaware of their dire circumstances until they are brought to the County Jail. The Sheriff, Judge, even the distinguished citizens all conspire to sexually enslave the girls, taking their young bodies in the most perverted manner. Each girl, different in their own way, tries to cope with the circumstances of their capture and enslavement. Heather, the college cheerleader refuses the advances of the men. The men inflict their perversions on her body by force, enjoying her cries and torment as they brutally rape, and subject her body to the most horrendous pain, enjoying their lust on her pain-racked body. Jessica surrenders to the men, in hopes that cooperation would temper their lust. Instead, the men are driven to push her limits, submitting her young body to greater perversions. Each time Jessica hoped it would be the last. She is surprised each time and appalled at the lengths and depths of the men's depravity. And Emily, the shy, honor student. The beautiful sweet girl, that blushes at a dirty joke. The men enjoy each time humiliating her, forcing her to perform for them, her shame having no bounds. She is forced to commit the most perverse acts on the men, their laughing and taunting degrading her as she resigns reluctantly to their sexual perversions. Read how their young bodies are speared by thick cocks. How they are forced to suck cocks, many forced brutally down their throats, their pussies fucked repeatedly as they are tossed about on the bed in lust, none of their orifices spared as they endure the ultimate perversion, sodomized by the men. See how they cope as they are driven deeper and deeper into the depths of Hell in a place called the County Jail.

Here's an excerpt:

The girls looked up when the outer cell door opened. Heather more than the others, fearing another rape by the Deputy. This time it was the Sheriff who entered, his pot belly hung over his gun belt, his slightly receding hairline reflected his fifty years of bodily neglect. He walked over to Emily's cell, the key clanged in the lock before the door creaked open ominously.

Emily was afraid, she had seen what the Deputy had done to Heather, and feared the Sheriff would submit her to the same. He had already taken such liberties with her body, much more than any male had ever done before. She hung her head down, in hopes that if she couldn't see him he would go away.

"Stand up," the Sheriff's voice booming in the cramped cell. The girl on the cot was small, not more than five feet, two inches, small breasts hidden by the baggy sweater she was wearing, with mousey brown hair that hung down to her shoulders. She stood up, the Sheriff able to check her out better. She refused to look at him, as she stared at her feet. He moved closer, his hand hooked under her chin to raise her face up. Her eyes stared back at him finally. She was prettier than he thought, though the lack of make up failed to enhance the beauty she had. He twisted her around, checking out her ass again. "You gonna be a good girl?" He grabbed her arm, his fingers dug into her flesh, seeing her cringe in pain.

"Yes Sir," she shot back in quickly, her voice so meek. "Please, you're hurting me," she begged.

"You do what you're told and you wouldn't get hurt. You disobey and you'll regret it. Now move." He shoved her out the cell.

She was led out of the block of cells, the door closed behind her as she walked down a hall. The Sheriff opened up the door to a room and she heard voices inside. She peered in, four faces looked at her, the Sheriff suddenly pushed her inside. They were all older men, two of them dressed in suits and ties, the other two in jeans.

"This is Emily. She is one of lawbreakers that thought she could flounce our laws. And to make it worse, she doesn't have the means to pay her bail. I thought she might be able to persuade our local townsfolk to forgive some of her bail." He smiled at her slyly. "Emily, this is our Bank President, our General Store owner, and two of our prominent local farmers." All the men looked at the girl trembling before them, all had a hard on that she would have to take care of before she was allowed to go back to her cell.

Emily was afraid of what the men were going to do to her. The five men looked at her as a pack of lions about to devour his prey. . Would they rape her like the Deputy did to Heather? She had never seen a penis before she saw the Deputy's. She was unable to take her eyes off of him as he shoved it in and out of Heather, ashamed at herself for being such a voyeur. She wasn't a virgin, but not because she was with a boy. She had accidentally busted her hymen with a large cucumber while masturbating. It was one of the advantages of growing up on a farm; there was a wide selection of fake dildo's growing on the vines outside. When the Deputy started raping Heather, she was amazed by his penis, watching it grow as he stroked it and then brutally shoved it inside Heather. Emily was enthralled by her screams as he fucked her and finally came inside her, his seed running down her thighs when he got off of her.

The Sheriff pushed Emily to the center of the room, the men got up and gathered around her. The Sheriff let his hand slide down to the front of his pants. Emily's eyes followed as he casually stroked his cock, and it bulged out his pants, eager to get out. "Kneel down," the Sheriff commanded as he pushed down on her shoulders. He didn't give her time to respond, his strength overpowered her slight frame.

They started to press close to Emily, five grown men, all with lust in their eyes. What were they going to do to her? The Sheriff openly stroked his penis through his pants. Emily was ashamed that she was still watching him. What was wrong with her? She heard his order, his hands pushed hard on her shoulders until she almost collapsed onto the floor onto her knees. She could feel the men push in closer until she felt the unmistakable presence of hard penis's rubbing against her. She was trapped on all sides by the men with hard organs. No, they couldn't expect her to do such a thing. Maybe they would just make her stroke their penis. She could never take one of their filthy organs in her mouth. It was unthinkable. Their hips became more urgent, as they rubbed their organs against her face. Emily was thankful that they were dressed, even though the material of the pants was rough on the sensitive skin of her face.

The men began to undress as they let their pants slip down their legs, their cocks strained their shorts. They pushed in closer to the young girl that trembled on the floor between them, each pushed their way to get closer to her face. They began to hump her face, rub up and down with their cocks, as their cocks jerked in pleasure.

They took off their pants in front of her. Emily hung her head in shame, closed her eyes and refused to accept the situation until she felt them. Five, hard penis's slid along her face. It was only their thin shorts that protected her from touching their naked flesh. Each pushed to get closer to her, Emily moving her head to escape one, but into the clutches of another as they pinned her between them. The smell was terrible, five filthy organs rubbed her face, their hips drove it up and down her skin, the organs jerked in pleasure beneath their shorts.

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