Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves - Vol 2 Illustrated

Second part of this classic BDSM erotic ebook...

Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves - Vol 2 Illustrated by PoweroneThis ebook Mexican Rebels Sex Slaves - Vol 2 Illustrated by Powerone is a brilliant ebook now on sale at Adult eBook Shop.

As the name suggests, it's the second part of the story. The ebook is illustrated with fantastic cartoons of the two women getting fucked senseless buy burly Mexican Rebels with huge fat cocks.

Here's an excerpt, it's strong stuff:

"Yes."The General clapped as she performed the lewd act for him."Turn around and let me see that nice ass."

At least her back was to him as she let her ass sway back and forth sensuously, teasing him with her skirt, letting it slide up over her naked cheeks then back down again.She finally let it slide up to her waist, her naked ass pushed out towards him as she wagged her ass as if she was a trained dog.

"Bend over Angela and spread your legs.Let your skirt stay up high.I want to see that tiny little asshole."He waited, slapping the riding crop on the edge of the chair, the resounding ring in the room making Angela jump, bending over quickly, getting into the provocative he required of her."Ass up in the air and spread your legs wider."

The sound of the whip scared her.She jumped, quickly gettinginto the position he wanted her in, knowing how obscenely it must look from behind, her ass thrust up, the spread of her legs allowing her cheeks to relax, sure her anus was completely exposed. She was afraid of what he might do tonight, hearing them talk of her asshole, of sodomizing her, fearful of the pain as something as large as his cock would be if shoved into her tiny anus.She arched up higher, exposing herself more to him, her legs widely spaced, the cool air of the room on her exposed sex.She looked back between her legs, seeing him on the chair, his eyes glued to her sex, his hand stroking his already hardening cock.No, she thought of him fucking her again.

The General stood up, his cock jutting out in front of him, the sight of her tiny asshole making him instantly hard."Take off your skirt and then on the bed Angela.It's time to fuck." He watched as she let the skirt fall to the floor, stepping out of it, naked for his pleasure.She was so beautiful, her naked breasts standing out so firm, her nipples still hard. Her hips nestled the sweetest pussy he had ever seen, a touch of a bush highlighting it.He picked up a rope, moving towards the bed."I'm going to tie your wrists to make sure you are in my bed all night.

I often wake up with a hard-on that your lovely body will satisfy.On your back, hands over your head."He watched as she stretched out her naked body on the bed, fighting the urge to jump between her legs and shaft her with his hard cock.

She shivered in fear as she pulled her arms over her head, holding her wrists together as he moved towards her with the cruel rope in his hand.His cock was almost in her face again as he bent over her, tying the rough rope around her wrists three times before pulling the end of the rope through the headboard, pulling it tight until her wrists were drawn tightly back.She yanked on them, no play at all in the rope; her arms were bound tightly, unable to escape.

She feared him now, completely defenseless, knowing that he would soon be driving his hard cock into her young body again and she was powerless to stop him.

The General let his hands run down her body, over her heaving breasts, forcing her to spread her legs so he could draw two fingers up and down her slit, making her wet. "Get your pussy wet for me Angela or it's going to hurt when I fuck you."He plunged two fingers into her vagina, her ass rising up from the bed in pain, her legs spreading wide, hoping to relieve some of the pain of the brutal finger fucking. "Make your pussy crème for me Angela."

She just couldn't get wet, no matter how much he fingered her.She shook her head back and forth as he continued to plunge in and out of her dry vagina.

"If you wouldn't get wet, at least make my cock hard.Raise up your ass from the bed and keep your legs spread."His voice was demanding, his hands helping her get into the position he required.

Angela didn't know what he was going to do, letting him move her body any way he wanted, afraid of him, bound and helpless.He spread her legs wider, making her lower body rise up from the bed,her sex now grossly exposed and the highest point of her body.She knew her pussy was exposed, afraid of what he would do to it.

He lightly tapped her inner thighs, slapping at the tender skin, seeing it turn red instantly.Each time he slapped, she was forced to spread her legs wider and wider.Finally he had her where he wanted her. He let his hand raise back and then swing forward, a loud resounding slapping of flesh ringing out in the room as his powerful palm of his hand slapped harshly against her spread pussy.

"GGGGOOODD, EEEEHH," she screamed in pain, the sudden rush of shooting pain hitting her brain as she suddenly realized what he had done.He had spanked her pussy, his hand slapping so hard she thought she was being pushed out of the bed.

She saw him swing his hand back again.She shouted, "No!No!Not again, not there!"The sharp pain returned again, her delicate inner pussy lips receiving the brunt of the slap. She was afraid of him, keeping her body in the spread position, her pussy defenseless against his spanking.

The General slapped her three more times before stopping, her sex now red, his cock now jutting out, rock hard, ready for another fuck."On your hands and knees Angela.My cock wants your sweet pussy wrapped around it."

Angela turned over onto her hands and knees, ashamed at how exposed she was, humiliated at being placed in the doggy position.His hands moved her body around, positioning it for her debasement.

The General let his hands slid between her thighs, pushing out on the tender flesh, shuffling her knees to spread out farther and farther until he was pleased with the way her sex and asshole began to spread open. "Good girl, I like your legs wide open like that, ready for a good fuck."He placed his hands under her abdomen, drawing her body up into the air, arching her butt for his pleasure."Get your ass into the air," he ordered her. He pushed her hips side to side."Wag your little tail doggy," laughing as he teased her, seeing her face turn red in shame."That's good, that's the way little girls should be.On their hands and knees, their plump little ass up in the air, their legs spread wide, ready for a good fucking..."

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