Big Thick Penis Vibrator

They DO Like It Up'Em!

My friends over at Bionic Tonic Sex Toys have told me that this is newly in their shop.

They have the cheapest prices on sex toys in the UK. So, if you want one, check them out and see for yourself.

This Realistic Vibrator is called Adam's Cock 7X Vibrating and is just superb, check out the veins and the massive testicles!

It's heavy too. Over a pound in weight apparently, it's thick! Oh, it's thick! And it VIBRATES!

It's the vibrator version of the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock which is their best selling realistic dildo.

Here's some of the reviews for the non-vibrating version:

My first impression of the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock was JChrist that looks impressive.
I have several toys from various sources but i have to say that this is the most realistic lookin n feelin one ever! I just can't leave it alone.
I would highly recommend Adam's Pleasureskin Cock.

~ karen

My first impression of the Adam's Pleasureskin Cock was: TOO BIG!
After the initial reaction of "this is NOT going to work" from my wife, I warmed her up with head between her legs for a while. She then was able to slide this monster into her wet pussy in seconds. We posted "Adam" on our headboard and within three or four minutes of "Adam" in her now engorged pussy and my rock hard cock in her mouth she orgasmed and she then begged me to fuck her in her ass. We've experienced anal before, by my usually timid wife of 13 years NEVER gave herself so willingly. We moved into the shower and with the beast on the wall, I easily slid my cock into my wife's ass. After a few minutes of being DP'd and another couple of orgasms (in tones and volumes I've never heard before!), that was just about enough for the both of us. Men....if you're not intimidated by a cock larger than yours....BUY THIS FOR YOUR WOMAN! TODAY!
I would recommend Adam's Pleasureskin Cock.

~ john

My wife has many toys...but this one she loves and for once admits she enjoys this. I've spent £'s on toys yet this is one, if not the best it's definitely best value!!

Read more Adam's Pleasureskin Cock Reviews...

I have checked out a few other sites for you and found this from a guy!

i was wondering what anal was like so i popped on the next and after a week days of thinking about it i got this and wow was i shocked when i opened the post that day this thing is big and scary still i lube up and after about half an hour i managed 2 get the head in an hours later i was at the balls. if this is ur 1st time with anal like it was mine then its goin 2 hurt but it feels soo good once u have given it a go for me this is a top buy

So there you have it. As I said earlier 'They do like it up'em!' and so would you. Buy It Now

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