Secret Confessions Of A High-Priced Call Girl

She fucked her way to the top...

Secret Confessions Of A High-Priced Call Girl ebook coverMy friends over at Adult eBook Shop were recently contacted by a girl called Dimitra Ekmektsis who said she had written a true account of her time as a high class hooker.

The ebook Secret Confessions Of A High-Priced Call Girl is now available on their site.

It's amazing what you can do with a vagina, if guys were born with one they'd all be whores. That's for sure.She lived a fantastic life-style well beyond the means of most people, purely financed by her pussy.

But there's more to Dimitra, she's clever and funny and ambitious and her ebook is well worth a read...

Here's an excerpt:

Jake is on his way to my apartment. It's time for me to get ready for our appointment. Jake likes real boudoir beauties wearing spiky heels and see-through camisoles, as well as he loves push-up bras and frilled panties, or stocking-ed legs. All my clients do... I shower, slip into my four-inch stilettos and walk toward the full-length mirror in the bedroom. I bring the sheer black tulle-edged thong up over my hips. Then I adjust the matching bra over my breasts. It barely covers my nipples. It's like wearing no bra at all, but more provocative. I apply lip-gloss; spray my skin with Prada Infusion D'Iris, which is my favorite scent, and look at my watch. It's 7 p.m. - exactly. Jake calls from his cell phone. He's here and has already parked in the lot behind the building. I stay on the phone until he reaches my apartment. Then I open the door.

"Hi, sexy," he says.

"Hi Jake," I say, and kiss him on the cheek.

I take his hand and lead him through the living room and into the bedroom. He places a plain envelope on my dresser. I know what it contains. I don't need to ask my regular clients for the money, and I really never have to count it. "Jake, do you like my new outfit?" I tease.

"You know that I do."

He is rendered speechless and unable to look away. I start to undress him, while his hand slides down my back to my ass. He gets rock-hard as I unbuckle his belt and pop open his fly so his pants fall to the floor; he's wearing boxer shorts with a colorful pattern of martini glasses. His hard-on is pushing against a martini glass. I pull them off, take a condom from my dresser and roll it down on his hard dick. Then I suck him off, working my mouth up and down the shaft, with my tongue swirling all around the head. "You do that so well. Don't stop, don't stop." he says, all the while his hands roam my thighs.

I continue licking and sucking his cock and rubbing his balls. He squeezes my tits through the delicate material of my bra. His breathing is really heavy.

"Take it off," I tell him.

He finds the bra clasp, opens it and helps me get the garment off my body. My nipples get hard as he squeezes them. Suddenly he pulls his dick out of my mouth, putting it between my breasts. He squeezes them together. He starts fucking my tits, the head of his cock appearing and disappearing close to my face. (My breasts are large for my body. And they are real.)

"I want to go down on you," he says after a while and peels off my thong.

My legs are open wide to give him more access. He leapsbetween my thighs, burying his mouth in my pussy. He finds the right spot with his tongue and makes me come. After I come in his mouth he kisses me from my lips down to my belly button. Then he stops, grabs my legs and turns me on my stomach. He grabs my ass and pulls it in the air so I'm on all fours. Getting on his knees behind me...

Hmmm... Good book. Of course it is. It's mine.

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