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A Week In Provence gay ebook coverMy friends over at Adult eBook Shop have recently taken on a new gay ebook author called Fergie Boy.

His ebooks are full of arse fucking and cock sucking of the gay variety and are apparently written from personal experience...

The strange thing is that there are more than a few women buying these gay ebooks. So, there are girls out there that like to read about men on the receiving end of thick meaty cocks!

Any way, here's a small excerpt of some arse fucking:

It wouldn’t have bothered me if we gave each other licence to fuck aboutwhen not together. For young lads of our age, casual sex was nothing more thaninnocent fun as long as you played nice and safe. But Giles didn’t see it thatway, and whilst he had never asked for fear I would deny him, I knew it waswhat he wanted - a commitment to each other even when apart; a commitmentwith fidelity at its heart. And I was sure that I wanted him; HIM, my Giles, inhis shallow entirety, not just his fabulous arse to fuck. So I decided to give it ago. I acted like a caring boyfriend instead of shagging who I pleased then lyingthrough my teeth to keep him happy. As one might imagine after such a lengthytime - I was desperate to get up his ass!

"Pull over!" I said once we were off the main road and cruising along a charming little French country lane; a warm breeze in our faces, the scent oflavender heavy in the air. It was almost as clichéd as our primary school show;but Provence is actually like that! I had been stroking Giles bare thigh for muchof the journey and had now moved on to his crotch. Giles had obligingly spreadhis legs so that I could have a good feel at his cock and balls, nestled underneathhis shorts.

"We’re almost there," he replied. "They’re expecting us for lunch. You’llhave to wait."

"Sod lunch. Pull over." I gave his balls a hard squeeze to underline myrequest, and make it clear that if he didn’t comply I would ravish him whilst stilldriving, and he would end up pranging daddy’s car into a hedge.

Giles found a narrow track and drew into it, taking us well away from theroad. He looked over to me with an incredible smile on his face. He really waslovely in that gentrified way: sapphire eyes and ruby lips, perfect skin and teeth,a classically handsome young man of twenty. What the hell did he see in me?

Plenty is the answer! I rowed for Cambridge - that’s why they acceptedme; for brawn, rather than social status or brains. I was the powerhouse in theeight that thrashed Oxford earlier this year: a six feet three hunk with a body todie for and a whopping big cock that knew how to fuck - knew how to pleasurean aristocratic ass.

Giles loved my cock; he couldn’t get enough of it. When we were atcollege, I would ride him at least twice every night; then ride him again thefollowing morning before we set out to class. I enjoy a good fuck, and I like tofuck lots - this past month of abstinence had been an anathema to my very soul:what my cock had made of it I dare not say, but I can assure you, it wasn’t bestpleased!

I abandoned my groping of his crotch and slid my hand down the back ofhis shorts. My fingers went straight to his crack and forced their way down untilI found his hole. I circled it enjoying its warmth and moistness, its modest reluctance to let me in. Then I thrust my finger up him, bullying it past hisclenching ring, and wriggled it around inside his silky chute, massaging his spotwith the pad.

Giles instinctively moaned, unable to resist this teasing advance, and hesquirmed delightedly on top of my hand.

"Oh! Oh God! God how I’ve missed you," he cried.

I looked him in the eye and smirked. "It feels tight," I replied as I tried toforce a second digit into his body.

His summer colour dimmed the blush, but I could still see a tinge of redon his cheeks. It was not embarrassment that put it there, but a fear of actionsunspoken. "Of course it’s tight," he said. "It hasn’t been fucked for a month."

"My, my; you have been a good boy!"

"I told you. I don’t want anyone else. I only want you..."

I heard the question in his voice. The question that he didn’t dare askdirectly in case the answer hurt or he heard a lie. It felt good that I could delivermy gift truthfully and please him with words on top of mischievous fingers.Words had never been my strongest suit; I’m more of a physical sort of guy.

"Well, it’ll be getting fucked today. I’ve been climbing the walls for thepast month: celibacy does not agree with me, I can assure you!"

Giles radiated a smile that made it all worth while. "Thank you," he saidthen he leaned over and stroked my cock which was throbbing under my jeansand kissed me tenderly on the lips.

"We should go. Mummy will be livid if we get there late."

"Bollocks to that! I want to fuck you now."

"After lunch. We’ll go for a walk."

"Yeah, we will, and I’ll fuck you then as well. Now get out of the car. Noone will see us here."

I’m sure it was less his desperation for me to shaft him, and more hispleasure at my fidelity that caused him to obey. He freed himself from my fingers and sprang out of the car, laughing at our audacity. He made to go into anearby field, where he assumed we would rut like French peasants of old,spilling our seed onto the precious soil. But I grabbed him by the wrist and drewhim to me; kissed him passionately on the mouth in classic Bond fashion thenmanhandled him over the bonnet of the classic Bond car.

Giles assumed a position, spread eagled over the front of the AstonMartin; his arms thrown out in crucified surrender and his legs parted wide,anxious to get speared. I pushed his legs together and roughly pulled his shortsdown to reveal his stunning peachy ass. I would have a good look at that later,inspect what was mine to fuck as I pleased, an arse that was never denied me. Iwould spend hours treating my boy with my tongue and my cock. But for now Iwould have myself a quick shag.

I dropped my jeans to my thighs and released my throbbing cock. A teninch angry beast sprang out, salivating from a blind eye as it lobbed up anddown...

If that gives you a hard-on or if you are a girl, a wide-on, then got check out some more Arse Fucking Stories

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