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Coke Bottle Up Ass X-Ray

It certainly did NOT go better with Coke this time!

X-ray of bottle up arseEvery picture tells a story!

And here's a story that some poor bastard wished they never had to tell.

Try explaining this away!

At some point during the insertion they must have realised that the bottle was jammed. And then they must have started to consider their options. To say they must have regretted their actions would be an understatement!

I would dearly love to hear the story behind (no pun intended) this.

Any way, it's a fact of life that some people love shoving things up their arse. It feels great...

But if you are bent (no pun intended) on sticking things up your back passage, please follow the following tips.

1. Use proper sex toys such as Anal Beads or Butt Plugs or Prostate Toys.

2. Use plenty of Anal Lubricants.

3. A nice clean arsehole makes the whole (no pun intended) thing more pleasant. So use an Anal Douche.

4. Do NOT stick large objects up your anus, if you must auto-sodomise yourself, use something small(ish).

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