Confessions of a Cunt by Janet S

OMG she knows how to FUCK!

Confessions of a Cunt by Janet S ebook coverMy friends over at Adult eBook Shop tell me that they were recently presented with an erotic ebook to be added to their site...

The problem was the title with includes the C word. Which is of course very offensive to some people.

They deliberated hard and long over whether to put it up on their site. But when they read a few chapters they were HARD and LONG!

The story is autobiographical and is, apparently, very well written. The author, Janet S is a nymphomaniac. She loves cock, she loves sex, she loves sperm! And she sucks cock and fucks and fucks and fucks!

She's the sort of woman most men would love to meet and that most women would be terrified of. I would imagine that she would be condemned by most women and branded as an evil slut/slag.

Personally, I believe that women should read her story and learn how to FUCK how a man wants it.

Confessions Of A Cunt by Janet S - Is a very, very sexy read.


The real title of the book, regardless what the cover says, is, Confessions of a Cunt. Most women find the use of the C word abhorrent; I know I did at one time. One cannot read or hear the word without it invoking a strong reaction, mostly negative. Why on earth would I then use it in the title especially when it's used to describe me? Well, simply put, I am a Cunt. I love sex; I need sex; I require sex of all kinds but it wasn't until I met Bob, my oldest and dearest Lover that I really learned the significance and power of the word. Bob describes it this way, "To me 'cunt' describes a woman who loves sex, craves it, and will do whatever it takes to be satisfied much more than your average woman. A 'cunt' has accepted the freedom to go after what she wants and needs. She understands that sex (especially with new people she's never met before) is the greatest feeling on earth and she lives for new incredibly exciting thrills only possible through sex.

Women should be proud of their cunts and use their cunts to get what they crave ... large hard cum-filled cocks. They should be proud of their power. When a man sees an attractive woman, he immediately starts dreaming of her cunt. He can get a good idea of her breasts, and also her ass,but he craves seeing her naked cunt. Most men want cunts more than anything else on earth. You, Janet, have discovered the awesome power of your cunt and you have used it to get what you want. Cunt is good. Cunt is sweet. Cunt is for eating and fucking. You have earned the right and privilege to be called a Cunt with a capital C."

Here's a short excerpt, it'll give you an idea of what this erotic ebook is like.

By the time I went off to college, I had a great deal of sex, or so I thought!  College was, however, at a whole different level!  This was a time when the burning of bras, women's lib, protest marches and free sex was in its heyday.  I lost my bra as soon as my folks dropped me off and only put it on when I went home or for Parents Day.  I loved that free feeling and guy's reaction to seeing my hard nipples poking out through my tops.  I quickly took to unbuttoning my blouse a button or so more than norm and encouraged guys to look.

In my freshmen year I went to my first outdoor concert.  No it wasn't Woodstock but it was it in an open field under a hot sun.  I had worn a t-shirt, sandals and hot pants.  Remember them?  They were brown and very sexy and showed off my long legs nicely.  Not long after my boyfriend and I arrived, we saw this girl topless.  Shortly thereafter we saw another.  He saw me looking at her and asked if I wanted to take off my top too.

Gone ... in six seconds along with my sandals.  I loved it.  My nipples were solid marbles all day and it wasn't because I was cold!  I was so excited!  I had gone topless on dates and at my folk's private pool but never in public.  I was hooked.  I loved the way everyone looked at me.  It even seemed the girls were envious of my boldness as there were only a few of us topless.

Somewhere in the course of the day, I lost my boyfriend.  He wasn't really my date, we were just friends but we ended up going in different directions along with my t-shirt and sandals!  Not having a way to cover up added to my excitement.  In the afternoon, I met up with a guy who knew me from school.  He was wearing just a pair of ragged jeans.  Soon we were holding hands walking around the grounds together before collapsing on a thick green grassy knoll to take in the music.  I leaned back against him our skin bonded together by our sweat.  Soon his hands found my tits and he gently played with them as we swayed to the music.  It was terribly erotic and exciting and I tingled every time someone looked at us, especially while he was playing with my tits.  It felt very nice!  He politely asked me to take off my shorts.  I told him I'd love to but there were too many people around.  He graciously urged me assuring me it would be ok and even pointed to another couple some distance away that were nude.  I still didn't do it but I didn't say, "No!"  So he told me to lie down on my back.  He moved around and hovered over my shorts and fiddled with the snap until he got it undone.  I lost my breath when he slid the zipper down but arched up to assist him as he pulled them from my legs leaving my clad in a pair of pink bikini panties.  He smiled and ran his hand over my tummy both exciting me and reassuring me that it was ok.  I relaxed and, as soon as he sensed that, he slid his hands to the waistband of my panties and pulled them from me in an abrupt but controlled steady pull leaving me quite naked.  I bit my lip sharply and could feel my wetness flooding my vagina.  He parted my legs slightly; I was helpless to stop him.  I watched in anticipation as his great shank of red hair lowered into my vagina.  I felt his beard tickle my thighs and felt his lips touch my labia.  I swooned as he gently lapped my pussy.  He didn't do it long but it was enough to push my along.

He smiled and looked at me, "A little excited are we," he coyly asked?  "You're very wet, aren't you?"

I could only nod as he moved next to me so that his pelvis was near my shoulder.  The indication was clear.  I reached over and began to pull down his zipper.  I encountered one of the most exciting things ever and one that, to this day, excites me - bare skin.  My soon-to-be-lover had gone commando and as I lowered his zipper, his semi-erect cock sprung from its weak denim confines and under my hand.  At this point, I couldn't control myself; I had to suck his cock.  I went down on him with all the skill I could muster.  I greedily and wetly sucked his growing thin long solid rod taking as much as I could in my young mouth.  I cupped his balls then licked them.  I sucked just the head and frigged his shaft and then sucked him in more.  I wanted his cock in my mouth and my mouth made love to his dick.

Before I was rewarded, he pulled away and took off his jeans completely which was my fourth revelation of the afternoon.  Naked men, outdoors, in public are a huge turn-on.  He parted my legs widely and fingered my pussy allowing me the pleasure of sucking his rod some more.  I sensed more than saw people walking by within a few feet of us.  Sometimes their shadows fell over us as I gave him head and he fingered my hairy pussy.  I was close to cumming when he stopped.

He sat down and asked me to face him and sit on his cock...

I expect your hard by now!

Just go and buy it!

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