Great Ass Fucking eBook - Best Seller

And it's a girl's arse!

Daddy Helps Out by Alex Barton ebook coverMy friends over at Adult eBook Shop tell me that their second best selling ebook is rapidly catching their number one best seller.

The story is about a girl who's boyfriend wants to stick his cock up her ass!

Nothing unusual about that, I hear you say.

But it's her Old Man that actually introduces his old chap into her fundamental orifice!

Any way, she loves it up the bum and cannot get enough!

Buy it Here.

Here's a short excerpt:

Without a doubt, Marcy was the most beautiful and desirable girl at Lamont High. She had blonder hair, higher cheekbones, longer, more shapely legs and bigger breasts than any other girl in the school and even her rivals, Dee-Dee Evans and Jo-Ann Butler, had to concede defeat when it came to the way she snared Donny Mitchell, the captain of the football team.

Marcy and Donny became a permanent item after their very first date, mainly because when the time came for Donny to drop Marcy off at home and kiss her goodnight on the porch, she maneuvered him over to the swing-seat, sat him down, opened the flies of his jeans to free his eight-inch cock, hitched up the back of her summer dress and slowly, tantalizingly, slid her dripping wet pussy onto Donny's throbbing fuckpole. She didn't have to tell Dee-Dee and Jo-Ann the next day, she let Donny tell their boyfriends which was much, much sweeter.

What Marcy most loved about Donny was the obvious lust he showed for her huge breasts. He loved to slide his baby-oiled cock back and forth between their velvet slopes while she pushed them into a deep vee, her mouth open so that she could lick the bulging glans of his prick on each upward stroke, waiting hungrily for his creamy semen to spurt across her face. He made her scream and moan with pleasure when he lapped and sucked and bit her nipples as he thrust his cock repeatedly into the wetly-clasping depths of her pussy. But, best of all, she was in ecstasy when she was on her hands and knees across the back seat of his Chevy, her bare ass sticking out of the doorway, Donny's hands overflowing with the soft weight of her breasts as he stood outside the car and fucked, fucked, fucked them both to heaven.

It was during one such blissful encounter, Donny's thrusts into her cunt getting harder and faster so she knew his sperm was beginning to boil in his balls, making her groan, "Oh Donny, I can feel your cock getting even bigger!" that Marcy's perfect little world suddenly collapsed.

Completely without warning, Donny withdrew the pistoning length of his rock-hard cock from Marcy's dripping cunt with an audible squish. Then he leaned into the car, put his hand firmly on the back of her neck and pushed her head down against the leather of the Chevy's seat so that her back arched up and her curvy buttcheeks rose into the air.

"Donny? What the-"

Marcy's words were swallowed in her surprise because Donny Mitchell, her beloved Donny, had positioned the bulging head of his cock against her exposed anus...

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