Pam, Her Brother Ethan and His Huge Cock!

I've just found out that top erotica author Jack Allen has finally released the Desire & Regret trilogy as a single volume.It's a great story and well worth a read...

Here's an excerpt:

Iris rubbed her hand over the ridge of Ethan's erection.

"Shit, you got a really big cock.Do you mind?" Iris said.Her hand opened the zipper, slid in against his warm, hairy leg, and squeezed his cock."God, you're so hard.How long have you been hard?"She pulled it out and sighed."It's beautiful."

Ethan groaned and leaned back against the cinder block wall.Her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.

"I can't believe you're a virgin," Iris said.Her breath was warm on his neck."I can't believe you never fucked a girl with this thing.I know three or four would love to find a cock as big as your's."


"Yeah, really."

Ethan lifted his head off the wall."What about you?"

Iris grinned."I get to do whatever I want 'cause I found you first.And you know what?"


"I think I want to suck it."

Iris bent down as she spoke.Her hand moved down his chest.She squeezed the base of his cock.He felt her warm breath on the head.In the dim light, he could only see the top of her head.

Her soft, wet lips touched his cock and smacked.Ethan gasped.He looked at the guy at the other end of the bench to see if he heard.He was looking back with a smirk and nodded as if he understood something.

Iris opened his jeans.Her lips kissed around the rim of the head, down the side of his shaft, and his balls.She sucked one into her mouth.He gasped again.

"You got fat balls, too," she said, still whispering."All that hot cum, and you've been saving it for me."

She giggled.Her eyes sparkled.His cock brushed her chin.She opened her mouth wide and lowered it over the end.

"Oh God," Ethan groaned.

Her mouth was warm and wet and smothered his cock.Her head moved down, then up.Her tongue licked along the thick vein that ran up the bottom side and around the head when it was between her lips.She pushed it deep into her mouth until the head touched the back.

"Don't cum in my mouth, ok?I hate when guys do that," she said."They always think just 'cause I like to suck cock I like the taste of cum, too.Well, I don't, ok?"


Iris smiled."Good."She put her mouth around his cock again.

Ethan leaned back and closed his eyes.Her mouth was terrific.He couldn't move, even if he wanted.But why would he stop her from doing that?

He remembered the couple at the other end of the bench and looked to see what they were doing.The girl was still on her knees, still sucking the guy's dick.He had both hands on top of her head, like he was guiding her up and down.His fingers were tangled in her hair.

Ethan put his hand on top of Iris' head.He had a sudden urge to jam his dick into her as hard as he could.He placed his other hand on top of her head and she jerked herself up.

"Don't push down on my head.It doesn't help, ok?" she said, and went back to sucking.

Ethan lowered his hand to his side, afraid to move.Her warm, wet mouth moved up and down on him, but for some reason it didn't feel as good.It seemed like she was doing it as a chore.He didn't think he could cum in her mouth even if she let him.

The other couple caught his attention.The girl stood up and glanced at Ethan.The guy's hands worked on the front of her jeans.For an instant, she looked familiar again, but he couldn't remember where he'd seen her.

The guy pulled her jeans down to her ankles.She put her hands on his shoulders and lifted her feet out one at a time.She spread her legs and lowered herself on the guy's lap.Her head tilted back, with a deep groan.The guy's hands reached under her shirt for her tits, and her body writhed.

Iris sat up with a gasp."I can't stand it.I gotta have your cock inside me," she said, and wiped the saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand.She glanced at the other couple, where Ethan was looking, and giggled."They had the same idea."

She stood up in front of him, reached under her cheerleader skirt, wiggled her generous hips, and pulled her panties down to her ankles.She lifted each foot out, picked them up, and dangled the panties in front of Ethan.

"Smell how wet you make me," she said.

Ethan took the tiny, delicate black panties between his thumb and forefinger.The heavy, musky odor drifted past his nose, and he jerked like he'd been smacked.His penis throbbed.The coating of Iris' on his shaft dried in the cool evening air.She giggled.

"I won't make you wait any longer," she said.She leaned forward to kiss him and closed her hand around his dick."Does it hurt?"


"Good.Now you can fuck me like an animal."

She turned herself away, straddled his stretched legs, and lifted the skirt of her cheerleader outfit.Her ass was big and round and looked so soft in the low, pale light.She squatted over his lap.The head of his penis touched the back of her thigh.She wiggled her ass.

"Come on, Iris," Ethan said.He put his hands on her soft, fleshy hips and pulled her down.

"Easy boy.Remember, go slow."

She reached between her legs for his cock.He was panting.She was moaning.He had a perfect view.The head of his dick touched her wet opening and she lowered herself on it.

"Oh my God," Ethan whispered.

Iris groaned softly at first, then his dick split her open and she whimpered.Her pussy lips stretched wide around him.He watched the thick shaft sink slowly into the warmth of her body.

"Shit, you fill me up," she said.Her weight settled on his lap.She pulled her sweater up over her large tits and moved his hands up from her hips.He squeezed both at the same time.Iris moaned.Her body moved side to side and up and down on him.

"You can do your thing inside me if you like.It's all right.I'm on the pill."

"The pill?"

"Yeah.My Mom put me on it when she found out."

"Found out what?"

"How much I like to fuck."

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